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Jaydon Weston
Association :Auckland
Club :Blockhouse Bay
Player Code :AKBBJW
Before Date :
Singles : S9-0950-1w
Doubles : D9-0955-1w
Tennis NZ
Sept 1st 2017. A Quarterly review process has been introduced that will downgrade players who have had a Grade Loss while on 0 Grade Wins and then have not had another Grade Win in the following 6 months. It does not apply to players with grades S9-S12. The reviews will be on Jan 1st, April 1st and July 1st. There will not be an October review due to the long break that most players take over winter. Details Here

21 Mar 20159Interclub S9-0950-1wEuan Crowe S8-1250-1wLost6/2 6/1
07 Mar 20158Interclub S9-0950-1wSam Beech S7-1500-0wLost6/2 6/0
07 Mar 20154Interclub S9-1000-2wLuke Scott S10-0685-2wLost*9/5
28 Feb 20153Interclub S9-1000-2wMatt Shearer S6-1925-2wLost9 3
21 Feb 20152Interclub S9-1050-3wAleksandar Milivojevic S9-1125-2wLost*9-3
14 Feb 20151Interclub S9-0950-1wJames Sim S7-1525-0wWon**9/7
06 Dec 20146Interclub S9-0900-0wGelu Rosioru S9-0935-0wWon*6/1 6/2
22 Nov 20145Interclub S9-0900-0wSed Wolhuter S8-1210-0wLost6-1, 6-3
18 Oct 20143Interclub S9-0900-0wRupert Bergin S9-0910-0wLost*6-1 6-7 6-4
04 Oct 20142Interclub S10-0740-3wLuis Cabrera S9-0900-2wWon**6/0 6/0
20 Sep 20141Interclub S10-0640-1wJohn McGill S9-0925-0wWon**5-76-33-6
22 Mar 20147Interclub S11 0395Liam Taylor S10 0515Won9/2
01 Mar 20144Interclub S10 0405Daniel Persson S9  0625Lost9-4
30 Nov 20135Interclub S11 0375Ryan Dietschin S10 0460Won9-0
23 Nov 20134Interclub S11 0385Harry Fleming S9  0615Lost9 - 1
16 Nov 20133Interclub S11 0355Matthew Millar S10 0415Won9 - 7
09 Nov 20132Interclub S11 0370Roman Webb S10 0530Lost9-6
02 Nov 20131Interclub S11 0350Haadi Sawari S11 0215Won9 - 4
24 Mar 20137Interclub S11 0370Nicholas Hofmann S10 0430Lost8/9
10 Mar 20135Interclub S11 0400Will Jackson S11 0205Lost9-4
03 Mar 20134Interclub S10 0415Alistair Hadlow S10 0565Lost9-1
24 Feb 20133Interclub S11 0395Shaan Kesha S12 0200Won9-2
10 Feb 20131Interclub S10 0415Luke Roxburgh S10 0440Lost9-5
20 Dec 2012RR5Tournament S10 0415Cooper Stewart S8  1160Lost6-0 6-0
19 Dec 2012RR4Tournament S10 0415Reid Burrows S7  1280Lost6-1 6-0
19 Dec 2012RR3Tournament S10 0415Ryan Jackways S8  1015Lost6-0 6-0
18 Dec 2012RR2Tournament S10 0415Christian Hoffman S9  0885Lost6-0 6-1
18 Dec 2012RR1Tournament S10 0425Dominic David S9  0700Lost6-0 6-0
01 Dec 20125Interclub S10 0455Seb McCole S11 0295Lost9-8
10 Nov 20123Interclub S10 0435Spencer Simpson S11 0270Won9-0
03 Nov 20122Interclub S10 0405Flynn Crackett S11 0395Won9-2
27 Oct 20121Interclub S11 0375Adam Chappell S10 0425Won9-4
01 Apr 20127Interclub S11 0345Geoffrey Ying S11 0290Won9-3
03 Mar 20123Interclub S11 0285Skye MacLeod S10 0525Won9-7
22 Dec 2011C-R16Tournament S11 0295Cameron Ditchburn S10 0575Lost7-5 6-2
21 Dec 2011R64Tournament S11 0305Christian Hoffman S10 0590Lost6-0 6-0
10 Dec 20115Interclub S11 0275Johno Collings S11 0250Won9-7
03 Dec 20114Interclub S11 0245Regan Kelly S11 0305Won9-5
26 Nov 20113Interclub S11 0215Kent Upham S11 0230Won9-1
12 Nov 20111Interclub S12 0185Taylor Thorpe S12 0105Won9-2
03 Apr 20116Interclub S11 0205Harry Fleming S11 0290Lost9-7
02 Apr 20117Interclub S12 0160Jonathan Khoo S11 0270Won9-8
13 Mar 20114Interclub S12 0130Patrick Yin S12 0130Won9-2
26 Feb 20113Interclub S12 0100Christopher McMillan S12 0170Won1-9
12 Feb 20111Interclub S12 0100Ben Harris S11 0250Lost2-9
21 Dec 2010C-R32Tournament S12 0100Hubert Chiang S11 0390Lost6-0 6-0
21 Dec 2010C-R64Tournament Alex Tiriteu WonDefault
20 Dec 2010R64Tournament S12 0100Remy Copeland S11 0265Lost9-7
14 Nov 2010C-R32Tournament S12 0100Oliver Derlin S9  0630Lost9-0
14 Nov 2010R32Tournament S12 0100Alexander Limberger S9  0630Lost6-0 6-0
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