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Angela Brown
Association :Auckland
Club :Blockhouse Bay
Player Code :AKBBA2B
Before Date :
Singles : S8-1200-0w
Doubles : D8-1210-0w
Davis Cup
NOTE: As of August 1st the conditions for gaining a Grade Win in Singles have been tightened. When both players have the same grading (e.g. S7) then a Grade Win is NOT awarded if the loser currently has zero grade wins unless both winner and loser are on zero grade wins. Instead the winner now gets 25 points. Full details are here Configure Rankings Changes mid 2016

14 Nov 20155Interclub S8-1200-0wKatelyn Paul S9-1175-4wLost*6-2 6-0
26 Sep 20152Interclub S9-1190-4wVanessa Dickson S9-0900-0wWon*6-1 6-1
12 Sep 20151Interclub S9-1190-4wVanessa Pimenta S8-1300-2wLost6-0 6-0
28 Feb 20158Interclub S9-1185-4wEmma Easton S11-0470-3wWon6-0 6-0
15 Nov 20145Interclub S9-1185-4wTammy Douglas S8-1400-3wLost1/6,1/6
01 Nov 20144Interclub S9-1185-4wRoberta Snijders S8-1200-0wLost4/6 4/6
27 Sep 20142Interclub S9-1135-3wJacki Blacklock S9-1125-3wWon*7-6 6-2
29 Mar 201411Interclub S9  0815Christine Miller S9  0690Won6-4, 2-6, 6-4
15 Feb 20148Interclub S9  0810Amy Dunlop S11 0320Won6/3 6/1
07 Dec 20136Interclub S9  0830Aimee Bell S9  0740Lost6-1 6-3
19 Oct 20133Interclub S9  0810Tokko Shroff S9  0650Won7/6 3/6 6/3
05 Oct 20132Interclub S9  0805Rachel Martin S11 0300Won6/2 6/1
21 Sep 20131Interclub S9  0775Sakuntala Karunairetnam S9  0785Won7/6 6/3
23 Mar 201311Interclub S9  0785Rebecca Gatland S8  1030Lost6/0, 6/0
09 Mar 201310Interclub S9  0775Jordyn Hicks S10 0570Won6/3 5/7
02 Feb 20135Interclub S9  0785Marie Southcombe S8  1075Lost6/3 6/2
01 Dec 20126Interclub S9  0805Kirsty Michell S9  0865Lost6/1 6/3
03 Nov 20124Interclub S9  0775Kate Morrison S9  0820Won6-3 6-1
13 Oct 20123Interclub S9  0745Irina Khmialnitskaya S9  0670Won6-2 6-1
29 Sep 20122Interclub S9  0765Tracy Collins S9  0815Lost6-2 6-3
31 Mar 201211Interclub S9  0760Tania Campbell S11 0400Won6-1 6-0
17 Mar 201210Interclub S9  0755Sophie Heighway S10 0450Won6-0 6-0
18 Feb 20128Interclub S9  0735Rosalie Simich S10 0560Won7-5 6-0
10 Dec 20117Interclub S9  0725Jordyn Hicks S10 0435Won6-3 3-6 6-3
03 Dec 20116Interclub S9  0765Kalesita Aso S10 0480Lost6-3 6-4
29 Oct 20114Interclub S9  0805Penaia Maro S10 0560Lost7-5 6-3
08 Oct 20113Interclub S9  0800Anna Butterworth S11 0310Won6-3 6-2
24 Sep 20112Interclub S9  0820Alexandra Hockley S9  0760Lost6/4 6/1
10 Sep 20111Interclub S9  0800Andrea Hasan S9  0620Won6-2 6-0
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