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Ugrin Vuckovic
Association :Wellington
Club :Karori United
Player Code :WNKUUV
Before Date :
Singles : S7  1605
Doubles : D9  1155
Level 2 play. From midday Friday 29th May, NZ Government restrictions on gatherings are relaxing, meaning that up to 100 people can gather in homes, for events outside of homes, and at venues like tennis clubs and facilities. For tennis, this means tournaments and leagues are restarting. It will be easier to resume larger group programming at clubs and centres around NZ. Whilst group numbers can increase, the same rules still apply for how clubs, coaches and centres need to operate. For full details, and up to date information, please visit
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S7 1605
03 Feb 20181Interclub S7  1605Simon Brown S5  2175Lost6-2,6-2
20 Dec 2017C-R32Tournament S7  1605Josh Smith S2  3120Lost6-0 6-0
19 Dec 2017R64Tournament S7  1605Tim Heslin S3  2999Lost6-0 6-0
03 Sep 2017S-FinalTournament Alex Randall LostDefault
02 Sep 2017W-QFTournament S7  1605Connor Backhouse S5  2115Lost6-2 6-2
02 Sep 2017R1Tournament S7  1605Robbie Barnsley S3  2720Lost6-0 6-0
23 Apr 2017SFTournament S7  1605George Stoupe S2  3244Lost6-1 6-0
22 Apr 2017QFTournament S7  1555James Jessop S7  1655Won*6-2 6-3
18 Apr 2017SW-QFTournament Hamish Roberts LostDefault
17 Apr 2017W-R-97Tournament S7  1555Logan Nathan S4  2530Lost4-0 4-0
16 Apr 2017R1Tournament S7  1555Josh Cameron S4  2435Lost6-0 6-1
31 Mar 2017C-R16Tournament S7  1555Josh McDermott S3  2700Lost6-0 6-0
30 Mar 2017R64Tournament S7  1555Michael McGlinchey S2  3010Lost6-0 6-1
05 Mar 2017RR2Tournament S7  1605Oscar Horsley S8  1385Lost*6-2 3-6 10-3
04 Mar 2017RR1Tournament S7  1600Theo Klinkum S9  1140Won6-3 6-1
28 Feb 20175Team Event S7  1600Shane Colton S6  1845Lost3/0 ret.
25 Jan 2017C-FinalTournament Samuel Kingi LostDefault
24 Jan 2017C-QFTournament S7  1590Tom Green S8  1255Won6-3 2-6 10-4
24 Jan 2017QFTournament S7  1590Jonathan Fall S5  2399Lost6-1 6-3
19 Dec 2016SFTournament S7  1590Hamish Arbuckle S4  2410Lost6-1 6-1
19 Dec 2016QFTournament S7  1585Henry Stoupe S10 0600Won6-1 6-1
04 Dec 20161Team Event S7  1580Reef Murray S9  1120Won4-6 6-4 6-1
23 Nov 2016N-FinalTournament S7  1530Callan Hughes S7  1510Won*4-0 2-4 [10-5]
23 Nov 2016N-SFTournament Patrick Wall WonDefault
23 Nov 2016QFTournament S7  1530Patrick Joss S3  2785Lost4-1 4-1
23 Nov 2016R1Tournament S7  1525Adam Roddick S9  0920Won4-0 4-0
05 Oct 2016SW-FinalTournament S7  1525Hamish Lee S5  2100Lost7-5 6-3
05 Oct 2016W-SFTournament S7  1525Filip Pavkovic S6  1800Lost6-2 6-1
04 Oct 2016W-QFTournament S7  1520Kent Morris S10 0670Won6-1 6-1
04 Oct 2016R1Tournament S7  1520Hamish Arbuckle S4  2400Lost6-3 6-1
25 Apr 2016C-QFTournament S7  1520Harry Browning S5  2110Lost6-1 6-2
24 Apr 2016C-R16Tournament S7  1510Jack Dalton S8  1315Won6-4 6-4
23 Apr 2016R32Tournament S7  1510Lakhan Clark S4  2400Lost6-1 6-2
01 Apr 20167Interclub Toby Massam LostDefault
22 Mar 20167Team Event S7  1510Milo Benn S3  2720Lost4-1 4-0
19 Mar 20167Interclub S7  1500George Rota S8  1325Won6-3 6-2
18 Mar 20166Interclub Sam Baird LostDefault
15 Mar 20166Team Event S7  1500Joshua Snowdon-Poole S2  3030Lost4-0 -1
12 Mar 20166Interclub S7  1500Stasa Lokmer S8  1205Lost*6-1 6-4
06 Mar 2016FinalTournament S7  1500Daniel Fleming S6  2099Lost6-0 6-0
05 Mar 20165Interclub S7  1510Tarewa Harris S8  1315Lost*6-3 5-7 6-3
03 Mar 2016SFTournament S7  1500Oscar Horsley S8  1215Won9-2
19 Feb 20163Interclub S7  1500Tom Bolton S5  2120Lost6/3,6/0
13 Feb 20162Interclub S7  1500Ben Allan S8  1200Lost*6-2 6-4
12 Feb 20162Interclub S7  1545Callan Hughes S7  1500Lost*6-2, 7-6
09 Feb 20161Team Event S7  1545Timothy Purchas S4  2400Lost4-0 4-1
06 Feb 20164Interclub S7  1535Pete Elms S8  1220Won6-0 6-3
05 Feb 20161Interclub S7  1525Sam Baird S8  1250Won7-5,6-1
28 Jan 2016QFTournament S7  1525Jake Naylor S5  2105Lost4-6 6-3 [10-5]
28 Jan 2016R16Tournament S7  1520Luca Campbell S9  0900Won6-1 6-1
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