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Casey Newbrook
Association :Auckland
Club :Blockhouse Bay
Player Code :AKBBCN
Before Date :
Singles : S8-1250-1w
Doubles : D9-0960-1w
Davis Cup
NOTE: As of August 1st the conditions for gaining a Grade Win in Singles have been tightened. When both players have the same grading (e.g. S7) then a Grade Win is NOT awarded if the loser currently has zero grade wins unless both winner and loser are on zero grade wins. Instead the winner now gets 25 points. Full details are here Configure Rankings Changes mid 2016

18 Feb 20178Interclub Andrew Laxon Won6/0 6/3
12 Nov 20165Interclub S8-1200-0wNick Taylor S8-1205-0wWon*6-1 7-6
08 Oct 20163Interclub S8-1200-0wTiwana Tibble S8-1480-4wLost6-7 4-6
10 Sep 20161Interclub S9-1185-4wAlexander Wilson S8-1200-0wWon*6/3 4/6 6/4
20 Mar 20166Interclub S9-1185-4wEthan Farman S8-1485-4wLost9-5
19 Sep 20151Interclub S9-1135-3wByron Greybe S9-0950-1wWon*6-6,6-2
06 Mar 20164Interclub S9-1135-3wQuade Brady-Leathem S8-1260-1wLost9/4
27 Feb 20167Interclub S9-1135-3wJames Sim S5-2105-0wLost6-4 6-2
21 Feb 20162Interclub S9-1135-3wEthan Huff S8-1420-4wLost9-3
14 Feb 20161Interclub S9-1125-3wReuben Ashcroft S10-0605-0wWon9-2
13 Dec 20158Interclub S9-1125-3wIvan Harol S8-1250-1wLost9/1
06 Dec 20157Interclub S9-1175-4wTom Downs S9-1060-2wLost*9-4
29 Nov 20156Interclub S9-1125-3wDominik Wijntjes S9-1020-2wWon*9-4
15 Nov 20154Interclub S9-1125-3wFlynn Crackett S7-1725-4wLost9/2
08 Nov 20153Interclub S9-1125-3wDaniel Persson S7-1750-3wLost9-2
18 Oct 20151Interclub S9-1125-3wSaranya Nagpal S4-2445-0wLost9/0
17 Oct 20153Interclub S9-1125-3wTimothy Peters S8-1360-3wLost6/1 2/6 5/7
15 Mar 20155Interclub S9-1115-3wNick Seward S10-0825-4wWon9 6
14 Mar 20159Interclub S9-1065-2wBrooke White S9-1100-4wWon*6-0 6-1
07 Mar 20158Interclub S9-1065-2wJeremy Pepping S8-1210-0wLost6/2 6/1
07 Mar 20154Interclub S9-1115-3wNicolas Schiff S10-0830-4wLost*9/5
28 Feb 20153Interclub S9-1115-3wAlexander Mirkov S8-1320-0wLost9 2
21 Feb 20152Interclub S9-1115-3wJack Loutit S8-1205-0wLost9-6
14 Feb 20151Interclub S9-1105-3wMathew Nicholls S10-0650-0wWon9/8
06 Dec 20146Interclub S9-1055-2wGeorge Iugan S9-0900-0wWon*6/1 6/4
29 Nov 20145Interclub S9-1105-3wAlistair Hadlow S9-0910-0wLost*9-8
29 Nov 20146Interclub S9-1055-2wClive Rundell S9-0900-0wWon*6-2 6-0
22 Nov 20145Interclub S9-1005-1wLuio Hohet Anolen S9-1060-2wWon*6-1, 7-6
15 Nov 20145Interclub S9-1005-1wMichael White S8-1220-0wLost1-6 2-6
08 Nov 20144Interclub S9-1005-1wRob Nicholls S8-1200-0wLost6-1,6-1
01 Nov 20142Interclub S9-1005-1wMatt Shearer S7-1500-0wLost9/2
18 Oct 20141Interclub S9-1005-1wHugo Tomlinson S8-1315-1wLost9/1
18 Oct 20143Interclub S9-0955-0wIan Dizon S9-0900-0wWon*1-6 1-6
30 Mar 20148Interclub S9  0625Corey Bell S9  0675Won9-6
29 Mar 20146Interclub S10 0595David Kennerley S10 0540Won5/9
10 Mar 2014R32Tournament S10 0595Kristian Gurshin S8  0920Lost9-0
09 Mar 20145Interclub S9  0625Jack Pringle S10 0525Lost9-4
01 Mar 20144Interclub S10 0595Carl Ponio S10 0565Won9-7
16 Feb 20142Interclub S10 0590Ethan Bell S11 0255Won9-6
09 Feb 20141Interclub S10 0585Mertaza Haidermota S11 0220Won9-3
20 Dec 2013C-R64Tournament S10 0585Matthew Saunders S8  1020Lost6-1 6-0
19 Dec 2013C-R128Tournament S10 0565Leo Cekus S10 0450Won2-6 6-2 10-7
18 Dec 2013R64Tournament S10 0565Erik Goesmann S7  1260Lost6-1 6-0
01 Dec 20136Interclub S10 0535Nico Carlier S10 0555Won9-6
24 Nov 20135Interclub S10 0535Ivica Batnozic S7  1310Lost9-2
17 Nov 20134Interclub S10 0490Eric Tang S10 0600Won8/9
10 Nov 20133Interclub S10 0510Jack Pringle S10 0480Lost9-7
03 Nov 20132Interclub S10 0490Leon Ashmore-Lindsay S11 0355Won9-5
11 Oct 2013R0Tournament S10 0460Shrey Varma S10 0405Won6-1 7-5
10 Oct 2013RR4Tournament S10 0460Kristian Gurshin S9  0825Lost5-7 6-0 10-4
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