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Max Abbott
Association :Hutt Valley
Club :Lower Hutt
Player Code :HVLHM3A
Before Date :
Singles : S10 0620
Doubles : D10 0600
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30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S10 620
30 Mar 20195Interclub S10 0670Louis Westmoreland S10 0650Lost*0-4 4-1 (10/6)
23 Mar 20197Interclub S10 0720Jonathan Taylor S10 0610Lost*4-0 4-2
19 Mar 20192Team Event S10 0770Alex Chambers S10 0650Lost*4-1 4-1
16 Mar 20196Interclub S10 0720Brandon Fuchs S10 0600Won*4-1 4-2
12 Mar 20195Team Event S10 0720Hunter Wilson S9  1165Lost5-3 4-1
05 Mar 20194Team Event S10 0720Jack Bushell S8  1225Lost4-0 4-1
26 Feb 20193Team Event S10 0720Samuel Ames S9  0900Lost4-0 4-2
23 Feb 20193Interclub S10 0670Joe Fairfield S10 0705Won*4-2 2-4 5-10
12 Feb 20191Team Event S10 0670Jordan Chan S7  1525Lost4-0 4-1
09 Feb 20191Interclub S10 0660Max Henley S11 0360Won2-1
08 Dec 20187Interclub S10 0610Jonathan Taylor S10 0665Won*4-3 1-4 4-10
01 Dec 20186Interclub S10 0610Alex Potter S9  0925Lost4-3 (7-4) 4-0
17 Nov 20184Interclub S10 0600Jack Roche S11 0350Won4-0 4-0
10 Nov 20183Interclub S10 0600Mackenzie Georgeson S9  0900Lost2-4 2-4
27 Oct 20181Interclub S10 0605Jovan Jefferys S11 0310Lost*4-3(8) 4-0
24 Mar 20187Interclub S10 0600Rio Winkworth S12 0050Won7-1
20 Mar 20185Team Event S10 0600Jack Bushell S9  0910Lost4-0 4-0
17 Mar 20186Interclub S11 0540Zack Ziogas S11 0360Won*0-7
13 Mar 20184Team Event S11 0540Callan Hughes S6  1815Lost4-1 4-2
10 Mar 20185Interclub S11 0490Jacob Andrews S11 0300Won*7-1
27 Feb 20182Team Event S11 0490Jordan Chan S7  1550Lost4-1 4-1
17 Feb 20182Interclub S11 0440Ted Woolley S11 0390Won*7-2
13 Feb 20181Team Event S11 0440Caleb Sinclair S10 0635Lost5-4 4-0
25 Nov 20176Interclub S11 0440Baxter Morris S10 0610Lost7-5
11 Nov 20174Interclub S11 0440Aryav Bhawan S10 0600Lost2,7
04 Nov 20173Interclub S11 0490Samuel Coleman S11 0400Lost*7-5
28 Oct 20172Interclub S11 0440Dion Biedermann S10 0770Won*7-4
21 Oct 20171Interclub S11 0440Brandon Fuchs S10 0630Lost6-7
25 Mar 20177Interclub S11 0390Oscar Zuijderwijk S11 0350Won*7-2
18 Mar 20176Interclub S11 0440Ethan Wright S12 0100Lost*4-7
11 Mar 20175Interclub S11 0440Henry Evans S10 0620Lost7-1
25 Feb 20173Interclub S11 0430Charlie Fisher S12 0150Won0-7
18 Feb 20172Interclub S11 0380Oscar Zuijderwijk S11 0300Won*7-0
11 Feb 20171Interclub S11 0370Jovan Jefferys S12 0100Won7-5
19 Nov 20165Interclub S11 0320Duncan Ah Young S11 0380Won*5-7
05 Nov 20163Interclub S11 0370Louis Westmoreland S11 0300Lost*7-3
15 Oct 20161Interclub S11 0370Jack Evans S10 0600Lost7-4
19 Mar 20167Interclub S11 0320Sooraj Raja S11 0420Won*7-4
12 Mar 20166Interclub S11 0370Louis Rutherford S12 0050Lost*7-5
05 Mar 20165Interclub Andre Westmoreland LostDefault
27 Feb 20164Interclub S11 0320Jonathan Taylor S11 0300Won*7-2
20 Feb 20163Interclub S11 0370Nicholas Boon S11 0340Lost*7-4
13 Feb 20162Interclub S11 0320Sooraj Raja S11 0460Won*4-7
06 Feb 20161Interclub S11 0310Hamish Hutton S12 0050Won5-2
05 Dec 20157Interclub S11 0300Jack Randall S12 0000Won0-7
28 Nov 20156Interclub S11 0310Henry Evans S11 0520Lost*7-0
21 Nov 20155Interclub S11 0300Aldre Rosario S12 0200Won2-7
14 Nov 20154Interclub S11 0300Baxter Morris S11 0320Lost*0-7
07 Nov 20153Interclub S11 0300Mika Denham S10 0625Lost7-0
01 Nov 2015C-QFTournament S11 0310Kyle Clayton S11 0470Lost*7-1
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