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Sophie Adams
Association :Mid Canterbury
Club :Allenton
Player Code :MCATSA
Before Date :
Singles : S11-0300-0w
Doubles : D12-0175-4w
Tennis NZ
Sept 1st 2017. A Quarterly review process has been introduced that will downgrade players who have had a Grade Loss while on 0 Grade Wins and then have not had another Grade Win in the following 6 months. It does not apply to players with grades S9-S12. The reviews will be on Jan 1st, April 1st and July 1st. There will not be an October review due to the long break that most players take over winter. Details Here

05 Mar 20165Interclub S11-0350-1wJamie Aschen S11-0450-3wLost*6-3 6-3
14 Mar 201514Interclub S11-0350-1wDallas Scott S10-0730-1wLost6-1 6-1
07 Mar 201513Interclub S11-0350-1wJosh Molloy S10-0740-2wLost6-1 6-3
14 Feb 201510Interclub S11-0400-2wJack Sheridan S11-0350-1wLost*6-0 7-6 (6)
31 Jan 20159Interclub S11-0400-2wDaniel Hadfield S10-0610-0wLost6-0 6-0
29 Nov 20146Interclub S11-0400-2wJosh Molloy S10-0620-0wLost6-4 6-2
22 Nov 20145Interclub S11-0400-2wJosh Jones S10-0610-0wLost7-5 6-1
08 Nov 20144Interclub S11-0450-3wEmma-Louise Stagg S11-0300-0wLost*7-6(3) 6-2
15 Mar 2014RR5Tournament S11 0320Sarah Millar S11 0315Won9-6
15 Mar 2014RR4Tournament S11 0290Grace Adams S11 0235Won9-5
15 Mar 2014RR2Tournament S11 0260Lydia Pye S11 0265Won9-4
15 Mar 2014RR1Tournament S11 0230Zoe Diedricks S11 0205Won9-6
08 Mar 20147Interclub S11 0245Daniel Hadfield S11 0380Lost9-6
01 Mar 20146Interclub S11 0265Harrison Davies S11 0345Lost9-0
15 Feb 20144Interclub Tegan McIntyre LostDefault
01 Feb 20143Interclub S11 0285Cory Paul S11 0250Lost90
14 Dec 20132Interclub S11 0265Jack Helem S12 0125Won92
01 Dec 2013RR4Tournament S11 0235Sophie Innes S11 0300Won9-4
01 Dec 2013RR3Tournament S11 0255Lydia Pye S12 0195Lost2-9
01 Dec 2013RR2Tournament S11 0235Jasmin Strawbridge S12 0125Won9-1
01 Dec 2013RR1Tournament S11 0255Ashleigh Allred S11 0280Lost9-3
30 Nov 20136Interclub S11 0235Clark Stewart S12 0100Won9-2
23 Nov 20135Interclub S11 0205Cameron Slee S11 0255Won97
26 Oct 2013C-R32Tournament S11 0205Jade Brosnahan S10 0505Lost6-2 6-1
26 Oct 2013R32Tournament S11 0205Mackenzie Phillips S10 0540Lost6-1 6-1
30 Jun 20135Team Event S12 0175Paris Bromley S12 0175Won9-0
23 Jun 20134Team Event S12 0145Rebecca Coulson S12 0100Won9/2
26 May 20131Team Event S12 0155Isabella Story S11 0385Lost9/3
02 Mar 201312Interclub S12 0170Cameron Slee S11 0290Lost6-0
23 Feb 201311Interclub S12 0190Riley Langley S11 0220Lost6-1
16 Feb 201310Interclub S12 0160Laura Bagrie S12 0110Won6-4
10 Feb 20133/4Tournament S12 0175Tori Kelland S11 0300Lost9-5
09 Feb 2013SFTournament S12 0190Millie Ness S11 0375Lost9-1
09 Feb 2013QFTournament S12 0160Olivia Bishop S12 0170Won9-4
02 Feb 20139Interclub S12 0130Jack Millar S12 0170Won6-4
15 Dec 20128Interclub S12 0100Joe Todd S12 0100Won6-5
10 Nov 20124Interclub S12 0100Sarah O'Reilly S12 0110Lost6-3
04 Nov 20121Team Event S12 0100Sophie Ness S12 0195Lost9-0
31 Oct 20121Interclub S12 0100Millie Ness S11 0240Lost9-2
27 Oct 20122Interclub S12 0115Felix Harnett S12 0200Lost6-2
11 Oct 2012CP-SFTournament S12 0135Sophie Ness S12 0175Lost9-1
10 Oct 2012P-QFTournament S12 0150Renee Pateman S11 0255Lost9-0
10 Oct 2012QFTournament S12 0150Brylee More S10 0460Lost9-0
10 Oct 2012R16Tournament S12 0120Sophie Wilson S12 0100Won9-2
18 Mar 2012C-FinalTournament S12 0140Grace Adams S12 0130Lost6-0
18 Mar 2012C-SFTournament S12 0110Cleo Harnett S12 0100Won6-0
17 Mar 2012QFTournament S12 0130Sarah Millar S12 0100Lost6-0
11 Feb 2012QFTournament S12 0130Georgia Benny S10 0505Lost9-1
11 Feb 2012R16Tournament S12 0100Rosemary Taggart S12 0130Won9-2
27 Nov 2011RR3Tournament S12 0100Sophie Ness S12 0100Lost6-3
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