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Grace Abbott
Association :Wellington
Club :Wadestown
Player Code :WNWTGA
Before Date :
Singles : S10-0600-0w
Doubles : D11-0350-1w
Tennis NZ
NOTE: As of August 1st the conditions for gaining a Grade Win in Singles have been tightened. When both players have the same grading (e.g. S7) then a Grade Win is NOT awarded if the loser currently has zero grade wins unless both winner and loser are on zero grade wins. Instead the winner now gets 25 points. Full details are here Configure Rankings Changes mid 2016

19 Mar 20177Interclub S11-0500-4wCelia Beaglehole S10-0760-3wWon*4-1 4-1
12 Mar 20176Interclub S11-0450-3wHannah Hull S10-0600-0wWon*4-1 5-4
05 Mar 20175Interclub S11-0450-3wEmily Young S10-0660-1wLost4-1 4-1
19 Feb 20173Interclub S11-0450-3wSophie Henderson S10-0810-3wLost0-4 4-1 (10-5)
12 Feb 20172Interclub S11-0400-2wJemma Henneveld S10-0600-0wWon*4-0 4-2
04 Dec 20167Interclub S11-0350-1wEden Sturland S10-0600-0wWon*5-3 4-2
27 Nov 20166Interclub S11-0300-0wLauren Dugdale S11-0410-2wWon*4-1 2-4 (10-8)
06 Nov 20163Interclub S11-0300-0wRuby Bell S11-0300-0wLost*2-4 3-5
30 Oct 20162Interclub S11-0300-0wLily Robinson S12-0210-4wLost*1-4 1-1
20 Mar 20167Interclub S11-0300-0wJessie Williams S11-0510-4wLost*5-4, 0-4, 7-6
13 Mar 20166Interclub S11-0300-0wMaia Stewart S10-0600-0wLost0-4 1-4
06 Mar 20165Interclub S11-0300-0wAlice Bolton S10-0845-3wLost2-0
28 Feb 20164Interclub S11-0350-1wEmma Loader S11-0350-1wLost*5-3 4-2
14 Feb 20162Interclub S11-0350-1wSophie Henderson S10-0660-1wLost4-0 4-2
07 Feb 20161Interclub S11-0350-1wMia Williams S10-0610-0wLost4-2 4-1
06 Dec 20157Interclub S11-0400-2wCharlotte McIntyre S12-0150-3wLost*4-2 4-1
29 Nov 20156Interclub S11-0400-2wClara Evans S10-0660-1wLost5-3 2-4 12-10
15 Nov 20154Interclub S11-0350-1wMelinda Courtney S11-0350-1wWon*4-0 2-4
08 Nov 20153Interclub S11-0400-2wLizzie Stewart S11-0360-1wLost*4-2, 4-2
01 Nov 20152Interclub S11-0400-2wEmma Brokenshire S10-0600-0wLost5-4 5-3
18 Oct 20151Interclub S11-0350-1wEmily Young S11-0380-1wWon*8:2
22 Mar 20157Interclub S11-0300-0wBronte Tuffery S11-0450-3wWon*7-5
15 Mar 20156Interclub S12-0205-4wClaudia Petrie S11-0510-4wWon**7-0
08 Mar 20155Interclub S12-0105-2wHannah Gadsby S11-0520-4wWon**7-4
01 Mar 20154Interclub S12-0105-2wMaisie Guy S10-0680-1wLost7-5
15 Feb 20152Interclub S12-0105-2wTilly Dassanayake S10-0635-0wLost7/1
08 Feb 20151Interclub S12-0105-2wSarah Gard S11-0410-2wLost7-4
07 Dec 20147Interclub S12-0105-2wRachel Murray S10-0665-1wLostrained out
30 Nov 20146Interclub S12-0105-2wSarah Gard S11-0300-0wLost7-3
23 Nov 20145Interclub S12-0105-2wAbby Humphrey S10-0600-0wLost7-3
09 Nov 20143Interclub S12-0105-2wFrancesca Chemis S11-0480-4wLost2-7
02 Nov 20142Interclub S12-0105-2wHannah Gadsby S11-0410-2wLost7-2
30 Mar 20146Interclub S12 0120Kate Wallace S11 0225Lost7/5
09 Mar 20145Interclub S12 0140Emma Valentine S12 0175Lost7-4
02 Mar 20144Interclub S12 0160Isabelle Pearson S12 0200Lost7/4
23 Feb 20143Interclub S12 0175Rosie Dossor S11 0315Lost7-6
16 Feb 20142Interclub S12 0145Lauren Taylor S12 0130Won7-0
08 Dec 20137Interclub S12 0165Molly Hurley S12 0185Lost7-5
01 Dec 20136Interclub S12 0135Niamh Leuthart S12 0130Won7:3
17 Nov 20134Interclub S12 0155Isabelle Pearson S12 0100Lost7/5
10 Nov 20133Interclub S12 0125Jemma Henneveld S12 0175Won7:3
03 Nov 20132Interclub S12 0140Ella Craig S11 0290Lost7-3
20 Oct 20131Interclub S12 0160Rhiannon Nixon S11 0220Lost7-6 (7/2)
17 Mar 20137Interclub S12 0130Connie Rencen-Newton S12 0100Won7:5
03 Mar 20135Interclub S12 0100Francie O'Connor S12 0100Won7:5
24 Feb 20134Interclub S12 0110Kezia Leuthart S12 0200Lost4-7
10 Feb 20132Interclub S12 0130Zoe Simmons S11 0220Lost6:7
15 Dec 20126Interclub S12 0100Kelly Blanchard S12 0110Won7:6
25 Nov 20125Interclub S12 0115Natalie Ayto S12 0100Lost7-1
24 Nov 20123Interclub S12 0130Genevieve Twyford S11 0240Lost7-3
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