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Claudia Addock
Association :Auckland
Club :Kohimarama
Player Code :AKKHCA
Before Date :
Singles : S11-0350-1w
Doubles : D11-0540-4w
Tennis NZ
Sept 1st 2017. A Quarterly review process has been introduced that will downgrade players who have had a Grade Loss while on 0 Grade Wins and then have not had another Grade Win in the following 6 months. It does not apply to players with grades S9-S12. The reviews will be on Jan 1st, April 1st and July 1st. There will not be an October review due to the long break that most players take over winter. Details Here

02 Apr 20167Interclub S11-0400-2wZsa Zja Batnozic S12-0100-2wLost*7/9
12 Mar 20165Interclub S11-0350-1wIsabelle Holley S11-0300-0wWon*9-1
05 Mar 20164Interclub S11-0300-0wEvie Iles S11-0300-0wWon*9-6
27 Feb 20163Interclub S11-0300-0wLuisa Vasquez S11-0350-1wLost*9/2
20 Feb 20162Interclub S11-0300-0wHelen Dunshea S11-0400-1wLost*9/2
05 Dec 20157Interclub Zoe Hannan LostDefault
21 Nov 20155Interclub S11-0300-0wSarah Braid S11-0525-4wLost*0/9
14 Nov 20154Interclub S11-0300-0wKatie Oliver S10-0600-0wLost9/2
07 Nov 20153Interclub S11-0300-0wChristina Cui S11-0420-2wLost*1/9
31 Oct 20152Interclub S11-0310-0wMaddie Brill S11-0550-4wLost*9/1
17 Oct 20151Interclub S11-0310-0wEmma Nicholls S10-0775-3wLost2/9
14 Mar 20155Interclub S11-0300-0wSydney Causer S12-0000-0wWon9/0
07 Mar 20154Interclub S11-0350-1wOlivia Gallagher S11-0300-0wLost*6/9
28 Feb 20153Interclub S11-0300-0wIsabelle Holley S11-0310-0wWon*2/9
21 Feb 20152Interclub S11-0300-0wHana Rose S12-0050-1wLost*9/8
29 Nov 20145Interclub S12-0200-4wSophie Ardern S11-0300-0wWon**9-2
22 Nov 20144Interclub S12-0200-4wVerity Ward S11-0300-0wLost1-9
15 Nov 20143Interclub S12-0150-3wAmity Hokai S12-0000-0wWon*7-9
08 Nov 20142Interclub S12-0100-2wJade Matthews S12-0110-2wWon*9/2
29 Mar 20146Interclub S12 0100Sjaan Tetteroo S11 0240Lost1/9
22 Mar 20147Interclub S12 0100Francesca Reade S11 0270Lost9-7
08 Mar 20145Interclub S12 0100Sanskruti Zaveri S12 0100Lost3/9
15 Feb 20142Interclub S12 0100Charlotte Brown S12 0130Lost9-1
08 Feb 20141Interclub S12 0110Sophia Lynch S12 0140Lost9/7
30 Nov 20135Interclub S12 0130Kate Hegley S12 0160Lost9-5
23 Nov 20134Interclub S12 0100Kaarunya Safaya S12 0100Won9/5
02 Nov 20132Interclub S12 0110Anjali Hira S11 0270Lost9-1
19 Oct 20131Interclub S12 0130Alisha Sturt S12 0180Lost9/0
16 Mar 20136Interclub S12 0100Shyna Murhi S12 0115Won6/5
09 Mar 20135Interclub S12 0120Edwina Faiva S12 0115Lost6-2
02 Mar 20134Interclub S12 0140Charlie Francis S12 0190Lost6-0
09 Feb 20131Interclub S12 0110Maddie McConnell S12 0110Won6-3
16 Feb 20132Interclub S12 0130Jasmin Manning S12 0170Lost6-2
10 Nov 20123Interclub S12 0100Ariana Alves-Culley S12 0100Won6/1
03 Nov 20122Interclub S12 0100Lucy Mortimer S12 0165Lost6-0
27 Oct 20121Interclub S12 0080Jamie McConnell S12 0100Lost3/6
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