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Nic Varley
Association :Western BOP
Club :Mt Maunganui
Player Code :WBMMNV
Before Date :
Singles : S5  2255
Doubles : D7  1745
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30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S5 2275
18 Jan 2019R1Tournament S5  2275Sergio Herrera S4  2400Lost6-0 6-3
08 Dec 20187Interclub S5  2265Pearce Stacey-Harman S6  1865Won6-4 6-1
07 Dec 2018C-R2Tournament Angus Walkinshaw LostDefault
06 Dec 2018R5Tournament S5  2315Nont Prachuabmoh S5  2160Lost*6-4 6-0
05 Dec 2018R1Tournament S5  2315Patrick Wall S3  2755Lost6-1 6-1
30 Nov 2018R32Tournament S5  2315Anton Shepp S2  3375Lost6-1 6-0
30 Nov 2018R64Tournament S5  2305Andrei Chevenkov S6  1800Won6-3 6-0
10 Nov 20185Interclub S5  2255Vailea Fatai S5  2365Won*7-5 6-2
27 Oct 20184Interclub S5  2245Justin Kitshoff S6  1990Won6-0 6-3
10 Oct 2018C-R2Tournament S5  2220Yu Dian Dong S5  2155Won4-6 6-4 [10-5]
07 Oct 2018R2Tournament S5  2220Alexander Mirkov S4  2510Lost2-6 6-0 6-3
06 Oct 20183Interclub S5  2195Sam Pascoe S5  2100Won6-4 6-3
03 Oct 2018C-R2Tournament S5  2245Oliver Hall S5  2170Lost*4-0 4-0
03 Oct 2018R5Tournament S5  2245Tom Bolton S3  2815Lost4-1 5-3
29 Sep 2018FinalTournament Tom Downs WonDefault
29 Sep 20183Interclub S5  2195Geoff Beech S5  2350Won*5-7 Retired
28 Sep 2018RR3Tournament S5  2195Daniel Persson S4  2600Lost6-2 6-3
22 Sep 20182Interclub S5  2195Todd Belsham S4  2450Lost6-3 6-4
15 Sep 20182Interclub S5  2170Lucas Darling S5  2110Won75 62
08 Sep 20181Interclub S5  2160Grant Penrose S6  1860Won6-4 6-3
01 Sep 20181Interclub S5  2150Shane McNabb S6  1825Won6/4 6/4
25 Aug 2018R16Tournament S5  2150Rudolfs Aksenoks S2  3150Lost6-1 6-0
24 Aug 2018R32Tournament S5  2100Lucas Darling S5  2100Won*7-6 6-4
12 Aug 2018SFTournament S5  2100Tom Downs S5  2389Lost2-6 6-3 6-1
11 Aug 2018QFTournament S6  2099Jonathan Speed S6  1935Won*6-3 6-4
10 Aug 2018R16Tournament S6  2060Dan Gunn S6  1850Won*6-4 3-6 10-3
12 Jul 2018R1Tournament S6  2060Sam Pascoe S5  2125Lost1-6 7-6 10-5
12 Jul 2018RR3Tournament S6  2060Hyeok Min S4  2505Lost6-3 6-1
10 Jul 2018RR1Tournament S6  2060Daniel Persson S4  2545Lost6-3 7-6
18 Mar 2018FinalTournament S6  2060Max Dickey S3  2980Lost6-1 6-3
09 Mar 2018SFTournament S6  2050Jake Riordan S7  1799Won9-2
08 Mar 2018QFTournament S6  2045Ethan Farman S8  1424Won9-6
02 Mar 2018R16Tournament S6  2040Oli Cranshaw S8  1410Won9-4
07 Apr 201811Interclub S6  2040Jeremy Seales S5  2110Lost7/5 6/4
25 Mar 20186Interclub S6  2030Nicholas Curin S7  1520Won6-3 6-1
17 Mar 201810Interclub S6  1980Jorden Le Long S6  1855Won*2/6 6/4 6/3
11 Mar 2018QFTournament S6  1980Nicholas Johanson S4  2485Lost9-6
25 Feb 2018R16Tournament S6  1970Mark Osbourne S7  1725Won9-7
04 Mar 20183Interclub S6  2020Alex Moore S6  1935Lost*7/6 6/3
03 Mar 20189Interclub S6  2010Ray Shew S7  1685Won6/2 6/1
18 Feb 20181Interclub S6  2005Thomas Worth S8  1200Won2/6 3/6
17 Feb 20188Interclub S6  1955Juan Fernandez S4  2655Won*1/6 Def
04 Feb 2018R1Tournament S6  1955Lakhan Clark S3  2715Lost6-1 7-6(4)
11 Dec 2017QFTournament S6  1955Leo Cho S4  2554Lost6-1 6-1
10 Dec 2017R2Tournament S6  1955Patrick Wall S3  2705Lost6-1 6-1
10 Dec 2017R1Tournament S6  1905Josh Cameron S4  2450Won*6-4 6-3
08 Dec 2017C-SFTournament S6  1955Ruben Emmerson-Hiini S6  1935Lost*6-3 6-4
07 Dec 2017C-R32Tournament S6  1930Sebastian Price S6  1840Won6-3 6-1
07 Dec 2017R32Tournament S6  1930Jacque Anderson S4  2415Lost6-2 6-3
01 Dec 2017R32Tournament S6  1930Rob Reynolds S2  3499Lost6-1 6-0
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