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Hugo Bourchier
Association :Auckland
Club :Herne Bay
Player Code :AKHBHUB
Before Date :
Singles : S9  0950
Doubles : D10 0640
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30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S9 950
17 Mar 20196Interclub S9  0900Roger Yang S9  0900Won*8/9
10 Mar 20195Interclub S9  0900Andrew Gutschlag S9  1050Lost*9/4
03 Mar 20194Interclub S9  0910Ben Thomson S9  0950Lost*9/8
24 Feb 20193Interclub S9  0900Jacob Solomon S10 0710Won9-6
02 Dec 20186Interclub S9  0900Percy Meehan S8  1390Lost9/1
18 Nov 20184Interclub S9  0950Andrew Gutschlag S9  0950Lost*9/6
28 Oct 20181Interclub S9  0900Romayor Tupou S9  0900Won*9/7
11 Mar 20185Interclub S10 0800Jack Bardin S10 0600Won*9/6
25 Mar 20187Interclub Jasmyn Maher WonDefault
04 Mar 20184Interclub S10 0750Romayor Tupou S9  0910Won*9/1
25 Feb 20183Interclub S10 0700Jack Colthart S9  0900Won*9-6
18 Feb 20182Interclub S10 0650TJ Piacun S10 0600Won*9-6
10 Dec 20177Interclub S10 0600Blake Bannan S10 0825Won*9-8
29 Oct 20171Interclub S10 0600Taine Beattie S9  0910Lost9/5
19 Mar 20176Interclub S10 0600Ryan Nowacki S9  0965Lost2/9
12 Mar 20175Interclub S10 0600Maddie Brill S9  0960Lost*9:8
12 Feb 20171Interclub S11 0505Romayor Tupou S10 0710Won*2/9
20 Nov 20164Interclub S11 0455Oliver Goldsmith S10 0660Won*9/6
30 Oct 20161Interclub S11 0405Annie Mills S9  1110Won*8-9
03 Apr 20167Interclub S11 0405Bradley Allen S9  0950Lost9-7
06 Mar 20164Interclub S11 0405Michael Meek S10 0745Lost9-7
21 Feb 20162Interclub S11 0405James McCormack S10 0600Lost9/7
15 Nov 20154Interclub S11 0455Finn Mathias S11 0300Lost*4-9
18 Oct 20151Interclub S11 0445Ben Ross S12 0110Won9/4
28 Mar 20157Interclub S11 0445Harry de Witte S10 0665Lost9/7
21 Mar 20156Interclub S11 0395Luke Gallagher S11 0490Won*9-7
14 Mar 20155Interclub S11 0395Jamie Robinson S10 0700Lost9/2
07 Mar 20154Interclub S11 0445Ryan Ghee S11 0500Lost*7/9
21 Feb 20152Interclub S11 0435Angus Edwards S12 0000Won9-0
13 Dec 20147Interclub S11 0435Ignacio Arroyo S10 0620Lost2-9
23 Nov 20144Interclub S11 0385Turner Honey S11 0310Won*9-1
15 Nov 20143Interclub S11 0385Thomas Grover S10 0600Lost9/7
30 Mar 20148Interclub S11 0255Ben Verhaaren S11 0225Won9-5
23 Mar 20147Interclub S11 0225Ben Humphries S11 0215Won9/2
16 Mar 20146Interclub S11 0240Luke Holmes S11 0350Lost9/5
02 Mar 20144Interclub S11 0210Nooroa Taivairanga S12 0155Won9/1
09 Feb 20141Interclub S11 0230Max Denby S11 0230Lost9-4
08 Dec 20137Interclub S11 0250Oscar Reed S11 0320Lost9/2
24 Nov 20135Interclub S11 0220Somaksh Chadha S11 0210Won9/0
17 Nov 20134Interclub S12 0190Asti Wallace S12 0100Won9/3
10 Nov 20133Interclub S11 0205Dominik Wijntjes S11 0305Lost9/2
20 Oct 20131Interclub S12 0175Adam Clark S12 0100Won9/4
02 Dec 20126Interclub S12 0190Liam Taylor S11 0300Lost6/9
30 Nov 20125Interclub S12 0160Jayden Chiplin S12 0140Won9/6
11 Nov 20123Interclub S12 0130Jamie Robinson S12 0100Won9/1
04 Nov 20122Interclub S12 0100Thomas Grover S12 0120Won3-9
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