Results History
Angus Campbell
Association :Auckland
Club :St Heliers
Player Code :AKSHA2C
Before Date :
Singles : S11 0555
Doubles : D11 0545
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26 Jul 20205Interclub S11 0575Peter Cresswell S10 0600Lost7-5, 6-1
19 Jul 20204Interclub S11 0545Caleb Matthias S10 0620Won6-1 7-6
12 Jul 20203Interclub S11 0545Steve Hunter S10 0875Lost3-6 1-6
28 Jun 20201Interclub S11 0555Tom Gooddy S10 0720Lost4-6 3-6
07 Mar 20208Interclub S11 0560Aaron Rogers S10 0780Lost5/7,6/4,6/2
22 Feb 20207Interclub S11 0515David Anderson S10 0635Won6/3,6/3
08 Feb 20206Interclub S11 0470Vinayak Nadgir S10 0600Won6/2,6/2
09 Nov 20194Interclub S11 0480Roberto Salazar S10 0650Lost6-2 6-0
19 Oct 20193Interclub S11 0480Andrew Laxon S9  0955Lost6360
05 Oct 20192Interclub S11 0480Jo Crow S8  1265Lost6/4,6/1
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S11 480
19 May 20192Interclub S11 0480Chris Temu S10 0600Lost6-1 6-1
23 Mar 20197Interclub S11 0470Akapa Tatari S12 0000Won9-3
16 Mar 20196Interclub S11 0420Tate King S11 0320Won*9-2
02 Mar 20194Interclub S11 0370Alex Tomov S11 0300Won*9-5
23 Feb 20193Interclub S11 0420Callum Peacock S11 0310Lost*5-9
16 Feb 20192Interclub S11 0410Olly Bulman S12 0000Won9-2
09 Feb 20191Interclub S11 0410Matthew Ray S10 0700Lost9/4
01 Dec 20186Interclub S11 0410Jared Matthias S10 0605Lost9-6
17 Nov 20184Interclub S11 0410Boston Danford S8  1215Lost9-7
10 Nov 20183Interclub S11 0460Ryan Coburn S11 0470Lost*9-6
03 Nov 20182Interclub S11 0410Jackson Taillie S10 0600Won*9-6
03 Mar 20184Interclub S11 0360Matthew Young S11 0300Won*9-6
17 Feb 20182Interclub S11 0360Harry O'Connor S10 0600Lost9-6
10 Feb 20181Interclub S11 0310Ryan Sit S11 0390Won*9/0
17 Dec 20178Interclub S11 0300William Chen S12 0050Won9-3
09 Dec 20177Interclub S12 0160Tate King S11 0300Won*9-6
25 Nov 20175Interclub S12 0160Mathew Sloane S11 0490Lost5-9
18 Nov 20174Interclub S12 0110Oliver Huang S11 0300Won*9-4
11 Nov 20173Interclub S12 0060Ryan Farrelly S11 0350Won*9-8
28 Oct 20171Interclub S12 0110Thomas Manning S12 0100Lost*8-9
05 Dec 20157Interclub S12 0160Tony Zhang S12 0000Lost*9/3
31 Oct 20152Interclub S12 0160Kodi Botica S11 0420Lost9/5
14 Mar 20155Interclub S12 0160Mark Guerzon S10 0605Lost9-3
14 Feb 20151Interclub S12 0160Stuart Whittaker S10 0600Lost9/2
29 Nov 20146Interclub S12 0110Ben Holloway S12 0050Won*9-5
23 Nov 20145Interclub S12 0160Adam Bartlett S12 0270Lost*7-9
22 Nov 20145Interclub S12 0160George Rosevear S11 0310Lost9-4
15 Nov 20144Interclub S12 0110Joseph Thompson S12 0299Won*9-0
08 Nov 20143Interclub S12 0110Joshua Hegley S11 0305Lost9/1
01 Nov 20142Interclub S12 0160Isaac Black S12 0105Lost*9-6
15 Mar 20146Interclub S12 0100Brooklyn Alves-Culley S11 0300Won9-8
08 Mar 20145Interclub S12 0100Bjorn Byrne S11 0370Lost9-0
01 Mar 20144Interclub S12 0100Alex Bagnall S11 0340Lost9-6
15 Feb 20142Interclub S12 0110Josh Lamare S12 0130Lost9-2
08 Feb 20141Interclub S12 0130Akshay Varma Vegesna S12 0165Lost9-3
30 Nov 20135Interclub S12 0100Kingsley Wills S12 0130Won9-4
23 Nov 20134Interclub S12 0100Jake Wanden S11 0300Lost9/1
16 Nov 20133Interclub S12 0100Richard Boswell S11 0225Lost9-1
09 Nov 20132Interclub S12 0110Adam Scott S12 0130Lost9-3
23 Mar 20137Interclub S12 0130Jackson Kane S12 0100Lost9-5
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