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Aimee Lin
Association :Auckland
Club :Blockhouse Bay
Player Code :AKBBAL
Before Date :
Singles : S8-1210-0w
Doubles : D10-0760-3w
From September 30 Match Hub will change to using Points based promotion instead of Wins based and there will be a unified Grading List. There will still be 12 grading bands as at present. However there will be different Grade points bands for males and females. Players move up or down a Grade when their points reach the next grade level. For more info see
05 Oct 20192Interclub Sascha Vesty Won6-0 6-2
18 Aug 20197Interclub S8-1200-0wStella Piacun S9-0900-0wWon6-3 6-1
07 Jul 20195Interclub S9-1125-4wNadia Assaf S9-0900-0wWon*1-6 3-6
23 Jun 20194Interclub S9-1075-3wA-Young Joo S9-0950-1wWon*4-6 3-6
09 Jun 20193Interclub S9-1025-2wRosa Dewhurst S9-0900-0wWon*6/3, 6/0
05 May 20191Interclub S9-0975-1wTracy Collins S9-0900-0wWon*7-6 (10-8) 6-3
09 Mar 201910Interclub S9-0925-0wCarol Lambert S8-1300-2wWon*6-7, 4-6
23 Feb 20199Interclub S9-0925-0wSophie Turner S7-1555-0wLost6-4,6-1
09 Feb 20198Interclub S9-0925-0wAntonia Fariu S7-1660-1wLost6-1, 6-2
09 Dec 20187Interclub S9-0920-0wElla Hoodless S11-0400-2wWon0/9
08 Dec 20187Interclub S9-0920-0wDiana loussouarn S8-1480-4wLost7/6 (10/7) 6/1
25 Nov 20185Interclub S9-0910-0wRenee Findlay S10-0620-0wWon9-3
24 Nov 20186Interclub S9-0910-0wJessica Rolle S8-1375-2wLost7-5, 6-0
18 Nov 20184Interclub S9-0960-1wElla Satherley S10-0755-3wLost*9-8 (8-6)
11 Nov 20183Interclub S9-0950-1wStella Holloway S10-0660-1wWon9-7
10 Nov 20185Interclub S9-0900-0wLily Allen S9-1110-3wWon*6-3 6-4
04 Nov 20182Interclub S9-0905-0wHalle Gravatt S9-1035-1wLost*9-3
28 Oct 20181Interclub S9-0955-0wLucy Bartlett S9-1090-3wLost*9-5
27 Oct 20184Interclub S9-1005-1wLizzie Ellis S9-0950-1wLost*1-6; 4-6
06 Oct 20183Interclub S9-0955-0wDonna Blackmore S8-1200-0wWon*3-6 2-6
22 Sep 20182Interclub S9-1005-1wSasha Tuxford S9-0910-0wLost*6-2, 1-6, 6-0
08 Sep 20181Interclub S9-1005-1wOlivia Brown S8-1499-4wLost6-0 6-0
08 Apr 20188Interclub S9-0995-1wAnna Russell S10-0720-2wWon9-1
25 Mar 20187Interclub S9-0945-0wSheree Fitzpatrick S9-1075-2wWon*9-1
11 Mar 20185Interclub S9-0940-0wFleur Chaplow S12-0200-4wWon9-2
04 Mar 20184Interclub S9-0940-0wMei Coates S7-1605-1wLost9-3
25 Feb 20183Interclub S9-0935-0wVictoria Hawes S11-0450-3wWon9-3
18 Feb 20182Interclub S9-0930-0wMaia Stewart S11-0330-0wWon9-0
03 Dec 20176Interclub S9-0925-0wEvangeline Coman S11-0405-1wWon6-9
26 Nov 20175Interclub S9-0920-0wGreta Bennett S11-0300-0wWon9-6
25 Nov 20176Interclub S9-0920-0wEmma Jane Barclay S5-2225-1wLost6-0, 6-0
12 Nov 20173Interclub S9-0910-0wMeg Sutton S10-0650-1wWon9-5
29 Oct 20171Interclub S9-0960-1wCourtney Roose S9-1005-2wLost*9-7
28 Oct 20174Interclub S9-0960-1wZara Cornwell S6-1810-0wLost6-1 6-2
07 Oct 20173Interclub S9-0960-1wMandi Portegys S6-1855-0wLost6-2 6-2
26 Mar 20177Interclub S9-0960-1wCaitlyn Khoo S8-1270-1wLost9-6
11 Mar 201710Interclub S9-0960-1wKatie Bowdler S7-1680-2wLost7-5 6-3
05 Mar 20174Interclub S9-0910-0wJessica Rolle S8-1220-0wWon*7-9
26 Feb 20173Interclub S9-0900-0wHarriet Naismith S10-0790-3wWon8/9
19 Feb 20172Interclub S10-0820-4wMahek Nangia S10-0650-1wWon*9-3
11 Dec 20168Interclub S10-0820-4wJessica Rolle S9-1150-4wLost9/2
20 Nov 20165Interclub S10-0770-3wAnika Quinn S10-0600-0wWon*9-1
06 Nov 20163Interclub S10-0770-3wEmma Anderson S9-0910-0wLost9-4
30 Oct 20162Interclub S10-0760-3wGreta Bennett S11-0360-1wWon9-3
10 Apr 20168Interclub S10-0710-2wAmanda Qian S10-0750-2wWon*9/5
03 Apr 20167Interclub S10-0660-1wSheree Fitzpatrick S9-0905-0wWon*9-6
20 Mar 20166Interclub S10-0660-1wCharlotte Tse S8-1235-0wLost3-9
13 Mar 20165Interclub S10-0660-1wHarriet McElroy S9-0980-1wLost8-9 (8-10)
28 Feb 20163Interclub S10-0610-0wRebecca Funnell S9-1085-3wWon*9-8 (7-5)
21 Feb 20162Interclub S10-0600-0wNeffie Evangelista S11-0420-2wWon9-0
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