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Kristian Revfeim
Association :Taranaki
Club :Huatoki
Player Code :TNHTK1R
Before Date :
Singles : S7  1605
Doubles : D7  1500
Grading conversion completed. Please advise any issues to
From September 30 Match Hub will change to using Points based promotion instead of Wins based and there will be a unified Grading List. There will still be 12 grading bands as at present. However there will be different Grade points bands for males and females. Players move up or down a Grade when their points reach the next grade level. For more info see
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S7 1605
25 Feb 20191Tournament S7  1605Jordan Taylor S6  2094Lost6-0 6-2
19 Feb 20191Tournament S7  1605Liam Barry S3  2710Lost6/0 6/0
26 Mar 20183Team Event S7  1600Michael Chrisp S9  1060Won6-3, 6-3
27 Feb 20184Team Event S7  1600Roman Walewski S4  2555Lost6-1, 6-2
10 Mar 20186Interclub S7  1600Scott Campbell S6  1800Lost7-5 6-2
01 Mar 20181Team Event S7  1600Josh Smith S2  3115Lost6-0 6-0
26 Feb 20181Team Event S7  1600Corban Crowther S2  3045Lost6-1, 6-1
24 Feb 20184Interclub S7  1600David Barnard S5  2160Lost6-3 6-4
21 Feb 20181Tournament S7  1600David Barnard S5  2155Lost6/3 6/1
20 Feb 20181Tournament S7  1600Trae Innes S4  2420Lost6-3 6-3
18 Feb 20181Tournament S7  1590shane lewer S8  1255Won6/3 6/7 6/3
10 Feb 20183Interclub S7  1640Scott Campbell S7  1720Lost*6-1 6-0
04 Feb 20182Team Event S7  1630Eugene Wu S8  1360Won6-2/6-2
03 Feb 20181Team Event S7  1630Jonathan Fall S4  2400Lost6-0/6-1
27 Jan 20182Interclub S7  1580Sean Edmonds S7  1715Won*7-6(4)6-4
09 Jan 2018FinalTournament S7  1530Kade Wilson S7  1555Won*6-3 6-0
08 Jan 2018SFTournament S7  1520Sebastian Kerr S8  1300Won6-3 6-3
07 Jan 2018QFTournament S7  1570Stanley Long S7  1605Lost*6-3 3-6 10-8
06 Jan 2018R2Tournament S7  1570Adrian Rosioru S6  2005Lost6-3 6-4
06 Jan 2018R1Tournament S7  1565Richard Lu S9  1030Won6-1 6-0
17 Dec 2017C-SFTournament S7  1565Harry Ewen S6  1830Lost6-1 7-6(5)
16 Dec 2017C-QFTournament S7  1560Max Clifford S9  1090Won6-0 6-1
16 Dec 2017QFTournament S7  1560Connor Backhouse S5  2260Lost6-3 6-2
16 Dec 2017R16Tournament S7  1510Luke Winter S6  1800Won*6-4 6-1
14 Dec 2017C-FinalTournament S7  1510Hamish Lee S4  2400Lost6-0 7-6
14 Dec 2017QFTournament S7  1510Jacob Verhoeven S5  2250Lost6-2 6-0
09 Dec 20177Interclub S7  1500Ryan Stockman S8  1250Won6-4 6-1
11 Nov 20173Interclub S7  1500Andrew Hood S6  1840Lost6-0 6-3
04 Nov 20172Interclub S7  1500Baxter Rogers S7  1500Lost*3-6 6-4 6-4
21 Oct 20171Interclub S7  1500Daniel Rowe S3  2750Lost6-0/6-2
21 Oct 20172Interclub S7  1500Logan Nathan S4  2475Lost0-6/0-6
24 Sep 2017SFTournament S7  1515Geoff Hurst S7  1500Lost*5-3 4-0
24 Sep 2017QFTournament S7  1505Ashlee Graham S6  2099Won4-2 4-0
24 Sep 2017R1Tournament S7  1500Sebastian Kerr S9  1065Won4-2 4-5 10-4
03 Sep 2017SW-FinalTournament S7  1515Eckhard Klaassen S8  1380Lost*5-3 5-4
03 Sep 2017W-SFTournament S7  1515Alex Evans S6  2099Lost6-3 6-0
02 Sep 2017W-QFTournament S7  1505Ethan Botha S8  1250Won6-2 6-3
02 Sep 2017R1Tournament S7  1505Jake Naylor S3  2700Lost6-0 6-2
27 Aug 20171Team Event S7  1505Josh Smith S2  3015Lost
27 Aug 20171Team Event S7  1505Robbie Barnsley S3  2765Lost6-2 6-2
26 Aug 20171Team Event Eckhard Klaassen LostDefault
26 Aug 20171Team Event S7  1500Jordan Monk S9  0930Won6-0 6-1
11 Jul 2017FinalTournament S7  1530Eckhard Klaassen S8  1210Lost*6-4 6-1
11 Jul 2017SFTournament S7  1520Ethan Botha S8  1250Won6-0 7-5
10 Jul 2017QFTournament S7  1520Daniel Fleming S4  2699Lost6-1 6-0
27 Feb 20171Team Event S7  1520Andrew Clifford S6  2099Lost6-1 6-3
23 Feb 20171Team Event S7  1520David Barnard S5  2185Lost6-0 6-0
21 Feb 20171Team Event S7  1520Trae Innes S4  2400Lost6-2 6-2
15 Feb 20171Team Event S7  1520Alex Evans S6  1860Lost6-4 6-3
01 Mar 20171Team Event S7  1520Andrew Clifford S6  2075Lost6-0 / 6-3
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