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Evan French
Association :Auckland
Club :St Heliers
Player Code :AKSHEF
Before Date :
Singles : S8  1435
Doubles : D9  1160
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12 Dec 20206Interclub S8  1415Hayder Kubba S8  1245Won3-6 0-6
28 Nov 20205Interclub S8  1435Joshua Hartner S7  1530Lost3-6, 1-6
14 Nov 20204Interclub S8  1390Sitiveni Tukuafu S7  1500Won6:2, 1:6, 2:6
31 Oct 20203Interclub S8  1390Todor Markov S7  1760Lost6-1 ;6-1
18 Oct 20202Interclub S8  1345William Spence S8  1455Won6:1, 6:3
26 Sep 20201Interclub S8  1285William Flavell S8  1485Won6:7, 3:6
19 Jul 20204Interclub S8  1280Henri Stroh S10 0805Won6-4 6-1
12 Jul 20203Interclub S8  1275Aaron Walsh S9  0930Won6-0 6-0
05 Jul 20202Interclub S8  1265Craig Hamilton S9  1060Won6-4 6-3
28 Jun 20201Interclub S8  1260Liam Halforty S9  0900Won6-0 3-6 (10-3)
15 Mar 20205Interclub S8  1230Kimi Zhao S9  1140Won9-6
01 Mar 20203Interclub S8  1225Hamish Catherwood S10 0645Won9-1
22 Feb 20207Interclub S8  1215Oliver Anderson S9  0990Won6/4,6/1
29 Feb 20209Interclub S9  1140Henry Lukaszewicz S8  1470Won4/6 6/3 7/6 (7/4)
23 Feb 20202Interclub S9  1110Alex Jessiman S9  1140Won9-2
23 Nov 20195Interclub S9  1100Diego Uribe S10 0825Won6/2,6/0
17 Nov 20194Interclub S9  1025Lee Wong S7  1520Won9-8 (7-2)
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S9 1025
21 Sep 20191Interclub S9  1015Jared Matthias S10 0600Won6-3,7-5
23 Jun 20194Interclub S9  1065Mark Cameron S9  0960Lost*6/0, 6/1
09 Jun 20193Interclub S9  1065Matthew McQuillan S8  1460Lost6-7 6-1 10-8
05 May 20191Interclub S9  1055Ryan Deakin S10 0700Won6-0,6-0
23 Mar 20197Interclub S9  1005Jordan Karena S9  1135Won*3-9
17 Mar 20196Interclub S9  1055Romayor Tupou S9  0910Lost*9-8
16 Mar 20196Interclub S9  1050Owen Hornung S11 0510Won9-0
10 Mar 20195Interclub S9  1040Finn Walkley S10 0600Won9-1
09 Mar 20195Interclub S9  1035Will Gooddy S12 0050Won9 / 2
03 Mar 20194Interclub S9  1030Jamie Laing S11 0400Won4-9
02 Mar 20194Interclub S9  0980Scott Mouat S9  1025Won*9/1
24 Feb 20193Interclub S9  0970Xiaojian Guo S10 0825Won9-2
23 Feb 20193Interclub S9  0960Liam Cotton S10 0775Won9 / 2
17 Feb 20192Interclub S9  0910Matty Clements S8  1230Won*9-4
16 Feb 20192Interclub S9  0900Ben Archbold S10 0695Won9-0
09 Feb 20191Interclub S9  0910Ward Hope S10 0815Lost*8-9
09 Dec 20187Interclub S9  0905Arnav Shekaran S11 0500Won9-2
08 Dec 20187Interclub S9  0900James Harold S12 0200Won9-1
01 Dec 20186Interclub S10 0830Alex Mason S10 0600Won*9-1
25 Nov 20185Interclub S10 0780Joseph Johnson S10 0670Won*9-1
11 Nov 20183Interclub S10 0770James Calder S11 0410Won9-1
10 Nov 20183Interclub S10 0720Jeremy Coburn S10 0735Won*9-4
04 Nov 20182Interclub S10 0670Oliver Farag S10 0660Won*2/9
27 Oct 20181Interclub S10 0620Nicholas Richards S10 0650Won*9-5
25 Mar 20187Interclub S10 0620Jack Colthart S9  0900Lost9-3
18 Mar 20186Interclub S10 0670Patrick Sisam S10 0690Lost*9/8
17 Mar 20186Interclub S10 0620Ben Alexander S10 0600Won*1-9
11 Mar 20185Interclub S10 0670TJ Piacun S10 0600Lost*9/5
03 Mar 20184Interclub S10 0720Harrison Shilton S10 0685Lost*9-4
25 Feb 20183Interclub S10 0720Stanley Long S7  1735Lost9/0
24 Feb 20183Interclub S10 0720Boston Danford S8  1215Lost9-1
18 Feb 20182Interclub S10 0670Ricki Tom S10 0720Won*9-1
10 Feb 20181Interclub S10 0670Simon Bargh S9  1095Lost9/5
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