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Emily Liu
Association :Auckland
Club :Blockhouse Bay
Player Code :AKBBE2L
Before Date :
Singles : S11 0235
Doubles : D12 0135
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30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S11 360
17 Feb 20192Interclub S11 0360Jasmine Chai S10 0610Lost9-0
20 Mar 20166Interclub S11 0350Ella Barrett S12 0150Won9-7
15 Nov 20154Interclub S11 0300Breanna Magee S10 0600Won*5-9
08 Nov 20153Interclub S11 0300Meg Swan S11 0460Lost*9/4
01 Nov 20152Interclub S11 0300Katelyn Paul S9  1160Lost9 - 1
18 Oct 20151Interclub Antonia Feng LostDefault
07 Dec 20146Interclub S11 0300Niru Dharmasiri S10 0610Lost9-2
30 Nov 20145Interclub S11 0300Aida Garibovic S10 0600Lost6/9
16 Nov 20144Interclub S11 0300Camille Stewart S10 0600Lost7-9
10 Sep 2014S-QFTournament S11 0300Christina Min S10 0730Lost4-1 1-4 11-5
10 Sep 2014S-R-597Tournament S12 0150Dana Salmon S11 0300Won**4-0 4-0
09 Sep 2014W-R-98Tournament S12 0150Madeleine Williams S10 0600Lost5-3 4-2
08 Sep 2014R1Tournament S12 0150Evie Bell S10 0610Lost6-4 6-4
10 Jul 2014R1Tournament S12 0165Aimee Lin S11 0285Lost6-7 6-3 11-9
10 Jul 2014RR3Tournament S12 0165Aimee Brown S9  0850Lost6-1 6-2
08 Jul 2014C-R16Tournament S12 0165Ofaloto Kaitaeifo S9  0710Lost6-0 6-0
07 Jul 2014R32Tournament S12 0165Mei Coates S9  0605Lost6-0 6-0
06 Apr 20149Interclub S12 0175Lauren Sheed S11 0375Lost9-2
30 Mar 20148Interclub S12 0130Courtney Orr S11 0260Won9-4
23 Mar 20147Interclub S12 0100Olivia Bennett S12 0100Won9-0
16 Mar 20146Interclub S12 0100Pania Pique S10 0405Lost5-9
23 Feb 20143Interclub S12 0110Louisa Howse S12 0185Lost5-9
16 Feb 20142Interclub S12 0110Fiona Xu S10 0545Lost9-3
09 Feb 20141Interclub S12 0125Anna Chen S11 0230Lost9/5
08 Dec 20137Interclub S12 0135Annie Mills S11 0380Lost9-5
01 Dec 20136Interclub S12 0155Isobella Jorna S12 0135Lost9-8
24 Nov 20135Interclub S12 0175Anita Chung S11 0205Lost9-5
10 Nov 20133Interclub S12 0195Anna Chen S11 0205Lost9/3
03 Nov 20132Interclub S12 0165Belinda Wright S12 0100Won9-4
20 Oct 20131Interclub S12 0175Sophie Tumata S11 0395Lost9-1
18 Jul 2013P-R16Tournament Gemma Cliffe LostDefault
17 Jul 2013R32Tournament S12 0175Cayla McInroy S9  0690Lost6-1 6-0
17 Mar 20136Interclub S12 0190Grace MacCormick S11 0300Lost9-4
24 Feb 20133Interclub S12 0160Rose Stevenson S12 0100Won2-9
17 Feb 20132Interclub S12 0175Charlotte Catherwood S11 0280Lost9-4
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