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Shona Nakano
Association :Auckland
Club :Campbell Park
Player Code :AKCPS3N
Before Date :
Singles : S2  2565
Doubles : D3  2175
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14 Mar 202010Interclub S2  2560Isabelle Coman S4  2060Won6/0, 6/1
13 Mar 20206Interclub S2  2555Cathleen Broersma S5  1750Won6-2 6-0
06 Mar 20205Interclub S2  2550Anet Tarabova S3  2180Won6-2 6-3
28 Feb 20204Interclub S2  2545Sofia Shing S3  2240Won7-6 6-2
15 Feb 20208Interclub S2  2540Lize-Mari Beer S3  2120Won6/1, 3/6, 6/2
14 Feb 20202Interclub S2  2535Eliza Clamor S4  2015Won6-0 6-1
07 Feb 20201Interclub S2  2530Sadheera Weerapperuma S3  2120Won6-2 6-0
23 Jan 2020R5Tournament S2  2525Raegan Pine S5  1725Won6-2 6-2
17 Dec 2019SFTournament Renee Zhang LostDefault
16 Dec 2019QFTournament S2  2550Sasha Situe S2  2440Lost6-7(3) 6-1 7-6(5)
15 Dec 2019R16Tournament S2  2545Mandi Portegys S4  1900Won6-1 6-2
15 Dec 2019R32Tournament S2  2540Hana Rose S5  1560Won6-1 6-0
10 Dec 2019FinalTournament S2  2510Jade Otway S2  2755Won2-6 6-3 6-4
09 Dec 2019SFTournament S2  2470Vivian Yang S2  2775Won6-1 6-0
08 Dec 2019QFTournament S2  2440Holly Stewart S2  2650Won7-5 6-3
07 Dec 2019R16Tournament S2  2400Elys Saguil-Ventura S2  2845Won6-1 7-5
06 Dec 2019R32Tournament S3  2390Bridget Han S3  2165Won4-6 6-1 6-0
30 Nov 20196Interclub S3  2385Kendra Paea S4  1800Won6/0 6/4
24 Nov 2019QFTournament S3  2390Jade Otway S2  2675Lost6-0 6-1
23 Nov 2019R2Tournament S3  2385Emma Anderson S5  1630Won6-2 6-1
16 Nov 20195Interclub S3  2380Eliza Clamor S4  1970Won6/7(5) 1/6
16 Nov 20193Interclub S3  2365Amily Suga S3  2185Won6-1 6-3
10 Nov 20192Interclub S3  2385Tharubphet Homkrun S2  2445Lost7/6 6/4
08 Oct 2019R32Tournament S3  2390Jade Otway S2  2640Lost6-2 6-3
06 Oct 2019R2Tournament S3  2385Juliette Ma S5  1500Won6-2 6-0
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S3 2989
26 Sep 2019QFTournament S3  2989Ana Tamanika S2  3250Lost4-1 4-0
26 Sep 2019R16Tournament S3  2939Ines Stephani S2  3255Won*4-1 4-2
25 Sep 2019R32Tournament S3  2929Isabelle Coman S4  2535Won6-1 6-3
14 Sep 20191Interclub S3  2979Renee Zhang S3  2810Lost*6-3, 6-3
17 Aug 2019FinalTournament S3  2979Sarah Weekley S2  3459Lost6-0 6-3
17 Aug 2019SFTournament S3  2954Renee Zhang S3  2720Won6-4 6-2
16 Aug 2019QFTournament S3  2949Emma Anderson S5  2195Won6-1 6-1
05 Aug 2019FinalTournament S3  2999Lize-Mari Beer S3  2735Lost*6-4 6-1
04 Aug 2019SFTournament S3  2999Bridget Han S3  2730Won6-2 6-4
04 Aug 2019QFTournament S3  2999Vivian Yang S2  3145Lost6-3 6-3
03 Aug 2019R16Tournament S3  2990Emma Jane Barclay S4  2699Won6-4 6-4
07 Apr 2019R16Tournament S3  2985James Flay S7  1515Won6-3 6-0
12 Apr 20197Interclub S3  2935Elys Saguil-Ventura S2  3499Won*7-6 6-3
05 Apr 20196Interclub S3  2925Lauren O'Malley S4  2575Won6-4 6-0
02 Apr 2019QFTournament S3  2925Elys Saguil-Ventura S2  3454Lost6-4 4-6 6-3
02 Apr 2019R16Tournament S3  2915Lauren O'Malley S4  2575Won9-2
29 Mar 20195Interclub S3  2865Elys Saguil-Ventura S2  3499Won*6-3,6-4
17 Mar 20191Interclub S3  2855Emma Jane Barclay S4  2699Won6-3 7-5
15 Mar 20194Interclub S3  2805Bridget Han S3  2810Won*7-6 6-0
02 Mar 2019QFTournament S3  2805Suzy Larkin S2  3499Lost6-1 6-3
02 Mar 2019R16Tournament S3  2795Gemma Cliffe S4  2660Won7-6(5) 6-2
01 Mar 20192Interclub S3  2795Elyse Tse S2  3040Lost6-1 6-2
24 Feb 2019SFTournament S3  2795Suzy Larkin S2  3499Lost6-1 6-2
24 Feb 2019QFTournament S3  2785Sofia Shing S4  2490Won6-3 6-1
24 Feb 2019R16Tournament S3  2775Eliza Clamor S4  2435Won6-4 6-2
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