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Jonty Giesen
Association :Manawatu
Club :Feilding
Player Code :MWFDJG
Before Date :
Singles : S5  2180
Doubles : D7  1760
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30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S6 1880
18 Aug 20191Team Event S6  1865Sean Phegan S6  1830Lost*6-5, 6-3
18 Jul 2019FinalTournament S6  1815Eddie Biss S6  1870Won*6-1 6-3
17 Jul 2019SFTournament S6  1805Kareem Samy S7  1500Won6-1 6-4
15 Jul 2019QFTournament S6  1800Keean Jang S8  1260Won6-0 6-1
15 Jul 2019R16Tournament S6  1800Chan Min S7  1730Lost*6-4 6-2
14 Jul 2019C-QFTournament S6  1800George Baird S7  1749Lost*6-4 7-5
09 Jul 2019R2Tournament S6  1800Yu Dian Dong S4  2400Lost6-4 6-1
03 Jun 2019FinalTournament S6  1800Luis Silva S6  1800Lost*7-5 6-1
02 Jun 2019SFTournament S7  1799George Baird S7  1799Won*6-4 6-0
02 Jun 2019QFTournament S7  1799Elijah Blackshaw S6  2015Won*6-3 6-3
01 Jun 2019R1Tournament S7  1799Amy Kieboom S5  2215Won*6-1 6-2
25 Apr 2019FinalTournament S7  1799Jack McGregor S8  1430Won6-0 6-0
24 Apr 2019SFTournament S7  1794Sean Phegan S6  1855Won*6-0 6-1
23 Apr 2019QFTournament S7  1794Jacob Warren S6  1835Lost6-1 6-1
23 Apr 2019R16Tournament S7  1794Carlson Lim S5  2285Lost6-4 6-3
20 Apr 2019C-FinalTournament S7  1769Joseph Sandford-Jury S7  1540Won6-1 6-2
19 Apr 2019C-SFTournament S7  1759Joe Bryant S8  1410Won6-0 6-2
18 Apr 2019C-QFTournament S7  1749Ryan Watt S8  1365Won6-1 6-0
18 Apr 2019R32Tournament S7  1799Henry Christie S7  1500Lost*6-2 6-2
15 Apr 2019S-FinalTournament S7  1799Pavle Filipovic S6  1810Won*6-3 4-6 [10-3]
14 Apr 2019S-SFTournament S7  1774Angus Doddridge S7  1590Won6-1 6-2
13 Apr 2019W-QFTournament S7  1774Lucca Wiseman S6  1820Lost6-0 6-3
13 Apr 2019R1Tournament S7  1774Tom Bevan S6  2099Lost6-3 6-1
31 Mar 20191Team Event S7  1764Marlon Chung S8  1480Won6-1 6-0
30 Mar 20192Team Event S7  1754Daniel Lewis S8  1395Won6-0 6-0
30 Mar 20191Team Event S7  1749Billy Blundell S9  0945Won6-0 6-1
23 Mar 201911Interclub S7  1799Steve Brown S8  1200Lost*6-1 6-2
20 Mar 201911Interclub S7  1799Andy Martin S7  1675Won*3-6; 6-0; 7-10
06 Mar 20198Interclub S7  1780Michael Wyatt S7  1510Won6/3 6/2
02 Mar 201910Interclub S7  1770Damon Amoore S8  1449Won7-5, 6-3
27 Feb 20195Interclub S7  1760Jack Burden S8  1385Won6-1,6-1
23 Feb 20199Interclub S7  1755James Baker S9  0900Won6-0, 6-2
20 Feb 20197Interclub S7  1705Andy Martin S7  1650Won*6-3; 4-6; 10-3
17 Feb 20191Interclub S7  1705Andrew Hood S6  1925Lost6-2 6-1
16 Feb 20198Interclub S7  1700Dominic Rankin S10 0830Won6-1, 6-0
09 Feb 20191Team Event S7  1695Billy Blundell S9  0920Won6-0/6-0
31 Oct 20182Interclub S7  1745Andy Martin S7  1650Lost*6-2; 6-4
13 Feb 20196Interclub S7  1695Eugene Wu S7  1500Won*6-3 6-1
10 Feb 20193Team Event S7  1690Finn Willman S9  0950Won6-0/6-0
09 Feb 20192Interclub S7  1680Daniel Lewis S8  1435Won6-0 6-2
22 Jan 2019FinalTournament S7  1730Kai Milburn S7  1799Lost*6-3 6-1
21 Jan 2019SFTournament S7  1720Daniel Lewis S8  1405Won5-7 6-2 [10-8]
21 Jan 2019QFTournament S7  1710Max MacLachlan S8  1300Won6-2 6-1
20 Jan 2019R16Tournament S7  1710Lucca Wiseman S6  1800Lost6-4 6-3
20 Jan 2019R32Tournament S7  1700Lucas Evans S8  1484Won4-6 7-6(4) 6-0
18 Jan 2019RR2Tournament S7  1695Luke Blow S9  1159Won6-0 6-0
17 Jan 2019RR3Tournament S7  1695Lev Gorb S5  2335Lost6-4 6-2
16 Jan 2019RR5Tournament S7  1690Nehal Naidoo S9  1090Won6-1 6-1
16 Jan 2019RR4Tournament S7  1690Ethan Cooke S6  1935Lost7-6 6-2
15 Jan 2019RR1Tournament S7  1640Harry Seeto S7  1525Won*6-0 6-2
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