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Isabella Rankin
Association :Auckland
Club :Dunholme
Player Code :AKDHIR
Before Date :
Singles : S11 0285
Doubles : D11 0200
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30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S11 430
10 Mar 20184Interclub S11 0380Charlotte Ingram-Johnson S11 0310Won*9/8
24 Feb 20182Interclub S11 0330Jemma Stiles S11 0300Won*7/9
09 Dec 20177Interclub S11 0320Emily Reddy S12 0100Won9-4
18 Nov 20174Interclub S11 0310Cara Margison S12 0100Won9/1
11 Nov 20173Interclub S11 0300Lucy Russ S12 0150Won9/3
19 Nov 20165Interclub S11 0300Paige McInnes S11 0490Lost*3-9
29 Oct 20162Interclub S11 0330Greta Wiseman S11 0420Lost*9-2
20 Feb 20162Interclub S11 0320Abby Spring S12 0000Won6/0
13 Feb 20161Interclub S11 0310Sophie Sorenson S12 0200Won9/3
05 Dec 20157Interclub S11 0300Franziska Klein S12 0000Won9 3
21 Nov 20155Interclub S12 0200Abby Spring S12 0000Won*9 3
14 Nov 20154Interclub S12 0150Eloise Twiss S12 0000Won*9 2
07 Nov 20153Interclub S12 0200Mele Fatai S12 0200Lost*9-2
28 Mar 20157Interclub S12 0150Archi Tulsian S12 0000Won*6-1
21 Mar 20156Interclub S12 0150Emily Hunt S11 0490Lost2/6
07 Mar 20154Interclub S12 0150Jessica McGeorge S11 0380Lost6 - 4
21 Feb 20152Interclub S12 0050Alex Galvin S11 0300Won**6/1
14 Feb 20151Interclub S12 0000Rose Hunter S12 0000Won*6/5
13 Dec 20147Interclub S12 0000Katie Ryan S11 0320Lost6/0
06 Dec 20146Interclub S12 0000Enna Pesic S12 0200Lost*6/0
29 Nov 20145Interclub S12 0000Gemma Richards S12 0150Lost*3-6
08 Nov 20143Interclub S12 0050Juliette Pitts S12 0200Lost*6-1
18 Oct 20141Interclub S12 0100Georgie Ford S12 0000Lost*6-3
08 Mar 20145Interclub S12 0100Meg Downs S12 0100Lost6-1
01 Mar 20144Interclub S12 0100Jessie McIntosh S12 0200Lost0/6
15 Feb 20142Interclub S12 0100Anna Rowland S12 0130Lost6/1
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