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Morgan Wright
Association :Auckland
Club :Next Generation
Player Code :AKNXMCW
Before Date :
Singles : S9  0915
Doubles : D10 0660
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11 Jan 2020FinalTournament S9  0915Santiago Gonzalez S8  1220Lost6-2 6-2
10 Jan 2020SFTournament S9  0915Ben Archbold S8  1365Lost6-1 6-1
09 Jan 2020QFTournament S9  0915Zuriel Paulsen S8  1235Lost6-2 6-2
08 Dec 20197Interclub S9  0925Sebastian Poole S9  1100Lost9-4
01 Dec 20196Interclub S9  0920Lewis Lim S11 0375Won9-5
24 Nov 20195Interclub S9  0915Kharanshu Kumar S11 0345Won9-1
17 Nov 20194Interclub S9  0910Avinash Kiritharan S11 0410Won9-0
10 Nov 20193Interclub S9  0910Keean Jang S7  1585Lost9-0
03 Nov 20192Interclub S9  0900George Anderson S10 0675Won9-2
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S9 900
23 Mar 20197Interclub S9  0950Kevin Li S9  1035Lost*1/9
02 Mar 20194Interclub S9  1000Matthew Davidson S9  1140Lost*9/1
09 Feb 20191Interclub S9  1000Jeremiah Teua S8  1260Lost9-7
23 Feb 20193Interclub S9  0950Ben Honey S9  0910Won*5-9
16 Feb 20192Interclub S9  0900Jack Sladen S8  1200Won*5-9
10 Nov 20183Interclub S10 0870Marcus Abbott S9  0950Won*9-2
03 Nov 20182Interclub S10 0820Lee Rogers S10 0600Won*9-3
27 Oct 20181Interclub S10 0820Keean Jang S9  0950Lost9/6
10 Oct 2018FinalTournament S10 0770Harry Bassett S10 0620Won*3-6 6-0 10-4
09 Oct 2018SFTournament S10 0820Sora Aoyama S10 0705Lost*7-5 6-3
09 Oct 2018QFTournament S10 0870Filip Milivojevic S10 0600Lost*5-7 7-6 10-7
08 Oct 2018R16Tournament S10 0820Lee Rogers S10 0610Won*6-3 6-1
25 Mar 20187Interclub S10 0810Finlay McMahon S11 0380Won9/1
24 Mar 20187Interclub S10 0800Alex Prak S11 0300Won9/0
17 Mar 20186Interclub S10 0850Ben Honey S10 0895Lost*9-7
10 Mar 20185Interclub S10 0850Jeremiah Teua S9  0995Lost4/9
03 Mar 20184Interclub S10 0850Cikky Wang S9  0935Lost3-9
24 Feb 20183Interclub S10 0840Alex Haynes S11 0410Won9-5
17 Feb 20182Interclub S10 0790Tudor Dalzell S10 0710Won*9/7
21 Jan 2018C-FinalTournament S10 0780Ethan Moy S11 0350Won7-5 6-3
21 Jan 2018C-SFTournament S10 0770Roy Chou S11 0300Won6-1 6-0
20 Jan 2018QFTournament S10 0770Boston Danford S8  1200Lost6-0 6-1
17 Dec 20178Interclub S10 0720Louis O'Brien S10 0600Won*9/6
10 Dec 20177Interclub S10 0670Ben Verhaaren S10 0800Won*3/9
09 Dec 20177Interclub S10 0665Alex Tomov S12 0050Won3-9
03 Dec 20176Interclub S10 0660Brooklyn Baker S12 0100Won9/1
02 Dec 20176Interclub S10 0650Danny Morgan S11 0370Won9-5
26 Nov 20175Interclub S10 0650Taine Beattie S9  0945Lost3-9
29 Oct 20171Interclub S10 0600Ryan Deakin S10 0600Won*9-7
05 Nov 20172Interclub S10 0600Blake Bannan S10 0725Lost*9-1
26 Mar 20177Interclub S10 0650Finn Welham S10 0640Lost*9-0
12 Mar 20175Interclub S10 0600Matthew Lyons S10 0745Won*9-8
26 Feb 20173Interclub S10 0600Jack Colthart S10 0670Lost*9-1
12 Feb 20171Interclub S11 0520Nathan Chen S11 0470Won*5/9
04 Dec 20162Interclub S11 0510Seth Andrew S12 0200Won9-7
27 Nov 20161Interclub S11 0500Jonathan Meyers S12 0100Won9-7
20 Nov 20165Interclub S11 0450Zakkary Haddon S11 0300Won*1-9
13 Nov 20164Interclub S11 0400Marcus Wallace S11 0300Won*4-9
12 Nov 20164Interclub S11 0350Christian Colenbrander S11 0300Won*9-4
30 Oct 20162Interclub S11 0300Jack Manson S11 0490Won*9-5
29 Oct 20162Interclub S11 0320Liam Ng S11 0300Lost*2-9
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