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Caitlin Agnew
Association :North Harbour
Club :Glenfield
Player Code :NHGFC1A
Before Date :
Singles : S11-0560-4w
Doubles : D11-0340-0w
Tennis NZ
NOTE: As of August 1st the conditions for gaining a Grade Win in Singles have been tightened. When both players have the same grading (e.g. S7) then a Grade Win is NOT awarded if the loser currently has zero grade wins unless both winner and loser are on zero grade wins. Instead the winner now gets 25 points. Full details are here Configure Rankings Changes mid 2016

04 Mar 20174Interclub S11-0510-3wErynn Melvin S11-0350-1wWon*6-8
03 Dec 20167Interclub S11-0510-3wSophia Dehghani S10-0600-0wLost8/0
26 Nov 20166Interclub S11-0510-3wOlivia Clough S10-0600-0wLost2-8
19 Nov 20165Interclub S11-0460-2wMonica Zhou S11-0420-2wWon*8-5
05 Nov 20163Interclub S11-0410-1wTessa Rouse S11-0360-1wWon*8-5
29 Oct 20162Interclub S11-0410-1wErin O'Connell S10-0610-0wLost8-5
02 Apr 20167Interclub S11-0460-2wMia Thomas S11-0310-0wLost*7-3
19 Mar 20166Interclub S11-0450-2wElla Rutherford S12-0000-0wWon7-2
18 Mar 20166Interclub S11-0400-1wYutong Cheng S11-0300-0wWon*6-3 6-2
12 Mar 20165Interclub S11-0390-1wNadia Leddy S12-0000-0wWon7-0
05 Mar 20164Interclub S11-0440-2wMia Thomas S12-0200-4wLost*7-1
27 Feb 20163Interclub S11-0430-2wCece Jenkins S12-0150-3wWon7-0
20 Feb 20162Interclub S11-0420-2wElla Rutherford S12-0100-2wWon7-1
13 Feb 20161Interclub S11-0410-2wKate Brewster S12-0050-1wWon7-3
05 Dec 20157Interclub S11-0400-2wBrooke Rollinson S12-0000-0wWon7-1
28 Nov 20156Interclub S11-0350-1wGrace McSweeney S11-0370-1wWon*5/7
21 Nov 20155Interclub S11-0300-0wTashya Wijesinha S11-0360-1wWon*3-7
14 Nov 20154Interclub S11-0300-0wMayzie Mortimer S11-0370-1wLost*7-1
07 Nov 20153Interclub S11-0310-0wGrace McSweeney S11-0300-0wLost*7/4
31 Oct 20152Interclub S11-0300-0wImelda Lolesio S12-0000-0wWon7-5
17 Oct 20151Interclub S12-0200-4wBrooke Rollinson S12-0000-0wWon*7-0
21 Mar 20156Interclub S12-0150-3wHannah Young S12-0150-3wWon*7-2
14 Mar 20155Interclub S12-0150-3wTashya Wijesinha S11-0300-0wLost7-5
07 Mar 20154Interclub S12-0100-2wParis Barlow S12-0050-1wWon*7-6
21 Feb 20152Interclub S12-0050-1wImogen de Zwart S12-0100-2wWon*7-2
14 Feb 20151Interclub S12-0000-0wJenna Harold S12-0000-0wWon*7-1
06 Dec 20147Interclub S12-0050-1wRomana Cristea S12-0150-3wLost*7-3
29 Nov 20146Interclub S12-0000-0wPoppy Pett S12-0000-0wWon*7-2
22 Nov 20145Interclub S12-0000-0wMacKenzie Wilson S12-0100-2wLost*7-5
15 Nov 20144Interclub S12-0000-0wEmma Patterson S12-0000-0wLost*7-0
08 Nov 20143Interclub S12-0000-0wZoe Wu S12-0050-1wLost*7-5
18 Oct 20141Interclub S12-0000-0wSophia Butcher S12-0100-2wLost*7-3
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