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Emma Johns
Association :Auckland
Club :Mt Albert
Player Code :AKMAEJ
Before Date :
Singles : S10 0530
Doubles : D10 0470
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15 Mar 20205Interclub S10 0525Jevesh Gounder S12 0075Won9-4
01 Mar 20203Interclub S10 0515Emil Johannessen S12 0265Won9-1
23 Feb 20202Interclub S10 0540Atsuya Sakata S11 0415Lost9-4
16 Feb 20201Interclub S10 0535Ollie Fox S12 0155Won9-3
08 Dec 20197Interclub S10 0505Hannah MacDonald S10 0455Won9-6
01 Dec 20196Interclub Izzy Christie WonDefault
24 Nov 20195Interclub S10 0515Nancy Wei S9  0620Lost9/6
17 Nov 20194Interclub S10 0525Imogen Weenink S9  0665Lost9/1
20 Oct 20191Interclub S10 0545Bella Foster S9  0600Lost9-6
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S10 820
24 Mar 20197Interclub S10 0810Charlotte Mitchell S11 0360Won6/9
17 Mar 20196Interclub S10 0805Rosa Jack S12 0150Won9/2
03 Mar 20194Interclub S10 0755Katy Dew S10 0705Won*9/6
24 Feb 20193Interclub S10 0705Isabelle Shepherd S10 0705Won*9/4
17 Feb 20192Interclub S10 0655Chloe Wright S10 0610Won*9/4
20 Jan 2019FinalTournament Jessica Wong LostDefault
18 Jan 2019SFTournament S10 0605Eesha Mahimkar S10 0600Won*6-1 6-0
09 Dec 20187Interclub S10 0600Nina Koukine S12 0100Won9/0
02 Dec 20186Interclub S10 0600Hannah Srzich S11 0480Lost*9/8
18 Nov 20184Interclub S11 0510Geogia Abbott S11 0360Won*9/2
11 Nov 20183Interclub S11 0510Molly O'Leary S10 0725Lost9/4
04 Nov 20182Interclub S11 0460Margaret Su S11 0350Won*9-2
28 Oct 20181Interclub S11 0410Lucia Skedden S11 0310Won*10-9
09 Oct 20183/4Tournament S11 0460Geneiveve Dickey S11 0450Lost*6-1 6-2
09 Oct 2018SFTournament S11 0510Supreet Kaur S11 0360Lost*7-6 6-4
08 Oct 2018QFTournament S11 0460Amy Mataia S11 0350Won*6-0 6-3
08 Apr 20181Interclub S11 0450Rosa Jack S12 0050Won7/9
25 Mar 20187Interclub S11 0400Monique Gordon S11 0300Won*9/3
18 Mar 20186Interclub S11 0450Maia Cunningham S11 0360Lost*9/7
11 Mar 20185Interclub S11 0400Tayla MacDonald S11 0310Won*10/8
04 Mar 20184Interclub S11 0350Olivia Milliken S11 0360Won*4/9
25 Feb 20183Interclub S11 0300Poppy Tingey S11 0350Won*9/4
18 Feb 20182Interclub S11 0350Jorja Kane S11 0490Lost*9/3
10 Dec 20177Interclub S11 0350Gemma Richards S10 0855Lost9/2
03 Dec 20176Interclub S11 0300Grace Firmin S10 0600Won*7-9
26 Nov 20175Interclub S11 0300Christina Cui S9  0900Lost9/7
19 Nov 20174Interclub S11 0300Mischa Mardanus-Budiono S9  0985Lost9-6
26 Mar 20177Interclub S11 0310Jasmine Gulanes S11 0360Lost*3/9
05 Mar 20174Interclub S11 0300Lotta McNamara S12 0050Won1/9
26 Feb 20173Interclub S12 0200Natalie Brook S12 0000Won*9/4
19 Feb 20172Interclub S12 0150Kate Garland S12 0100Won*3/9
12 Feb 20171Interclub S12 0200Fionnuala Omeri S12 0100Lost*9/7
17 Dec 2016QFTournament S12 0200Sophie Karl S8  1215Lost6-0 6-1
27 Nov 20161Interclub S12 0150Cueba Kumalija S11 0300Won*9-7
20 Nov 20165Interclub S12 0100Piper Foley S11 0300Won*9/1
13 Nov 20164Interclub S12 0100Disha Chaturvedi S10 0600Lost9/5
06 Nov 20163Interclub S12 0100Lili Bena S10 0615Lost9/2
16 Oct 20161Interclub S12 0100Kate Wise S11 0470Lost9-5
10 Apr 20168Interclub Bianca Young-Smith WonDefault
20 Mar 20166Interclub S12 0050Annabelle Loutit S11 0330Won*3-9
13 Mar 20165Interclub S12 0000Hannah Brook S12 0150Won*9/2
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