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Fionnuala Omeri
Association :Auckland
Club :West End
Player Code :AKWEF2O
Before Date :
Singles : S10 0565
Doubles : D10 0505
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30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S10 790
25 Aug 2019FinalTournament S10 0730Hufriya Kermani S11 0350Won4-1 5-3
25 Aug 2019SFTournament S10 0720Freya Wingate S11 0370Won4-1 4-0
25 Aug 2019QFTournament S10 0710Ananya Bansal S11 0310Won4-1 4-0
07 Jul 20195Interclub S10 0710Nava Fedaeff S9  0900Lost3-6 6-4 9-11
09 Jun 20193Interclub S10 0710Mary Gardiner S9  1150Lost6-0, 6-1
19 May 20192Interclub S10 0710Karen Purdie S7  1600Lost6/0 6/2
24 Mar 20197Interclub S10 0700Emma Criscillo S11 0300Won9-2
16 Mar 201910Interclub S10 0750Tanvi Kidiyappa S10 0775Lost*6-2, 6-0
10 Mar 20195Interclub S10 0700Frankie Wingate S10 0620Won*9-5
02 Mar 20199Interclub S10 0650Junghwa Cha S10 0600Won*6-1, 6-2
17 Feb 20192Interclub S10 0600Nina Holbrook S10 0690Won*9-6
10 Feb 20191Interclub S10 0620Neve Dobson S11 0350Lost*9-6
02 Feb 20197Interclub S10 0610Melissa Redshaw S11 0300Won6-2 6-1
09 Dec 20187Interclub S10 0600Athena Abrogena S11 0520Won9-5
02 Dec 20186Interclub S11 0590Sienna Lindsay-Bishop S11 0450Won*9-0
01 Dec 20186Interclub S11 0580Hannah Spaak S12 0000Won4-6 3-6
11 Nov 20183Interclub S11 0530Kiri Littlejohn S11 0360Won*9-4
28 Oct 20181Interclub S11 0520Rashmi Muralidhar S12 0100Won1-9
13 Oct 20183Interclub S11 0470Grace Gordon S11 0400Won*6-2 6-1
22 Jul 20186Interclub S11 0470Lin Ma S8  1205Lost6-3, 6-1
25 Mar 20187Interclub S11 0460Katie Crawford S12 0200Won2-9
18 Mar 20186Interclub S11 0450Charlotte Mitchell S12 0050Won9-5
11 Mar 20185Interclub S11 0400Supreet Kaur S11 0320Won*9-6
04 Mar 20184Interclub S11 0350Ashley Ganda S11 0300Won*9/7
18 Feb 20182Interclub S11 0350Christina Cui S9  0915Lost9-7
10 Dec 20177Interclub S11 0340Lily Umaga S12 0150Won9/5
03 Dec 20176Interclub S11 0330Ashley Wang S12 0000Won9-2
12 Nov 20173Interclub S11 0320Meg Zame S12 0000Won9-1
05 Nov 20172Interclub S11 0310Rashmi Muralidhar S12 0150Won9-5
29 Oct 20171Interclub S11 0300Harriet Kedzlie S12 0000Won9-2
18 Jun 2017S-FinalTournament S11 0300Muhan Cui S11 0300Lost*5-3 5-3
18 Jun 2017W-SFTournament S11 0310Ethan Zhang S11 0320Lost*4-0 4-0
18 Jun 2017QFTournament S11 0310Darryl Sutjiadi S10 0600Lost4-1 4-2
26 Mar 20177Interclub S11 0300Kate Garland S12 0000Won9-5
05 Mar 20174Interclub S12 0200Madeleine Bennie S12 0000Won*9/0
26 Feb 20173Interclub S12 0150Celia Mayo S12 0150Won*9/4
12 Feb 20171Interclub S12 0100Emma Johns S12 0200Won*9/7
27 Nov 20166Interclub S12 0050Hannah Brook S12 0150Won*9-5
30 Oct 20162Interclub S12 0050Lucy Srzich S11 0300Lost9-8
16 Oct 20161Interclub S12 0000Chanel Mahon S12 0100Won*9-2
21 May 2016RR5Tournament S12 0000Lili Bena S10 0605Lost9-4
21 May 2016RR4Tournament S12 0000Meg Hayward S12 0210Lost*9-0
15 May 2016RR3Tournament S12 0050Lucia Skedden S12 0050Lost*9-3
14 May 2016RR1Tournament S12 0000Bridie Rooney-Allison S12 0000Won*9-8
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