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Sofia Acarapi
Association :North Harbour
Club :Mairangi Bay
Player Code :NHMBS2A
Before Date :
Singles : S10 0465
Doubles : D11 0265
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30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S10 700
16 Mar 20186Interclub S10 0650Renee Cooke S10 0650Won*6-1, 5-7, 8-10
09 Mar 20185Interclub S10 0650Daniella Basilan S9  1175Lost2-6 2-6
02 Mar 20184Interclub S10 0650Merryn Smith S9  0975Lost6-4, 6-0
16 Feb 20182Interclub S10 0600Olivia Menzies S10 0620Won*12/5
08 Dec 20172Interclub S10 0600Sophie Morrison S11 0450Lost*6-4 3-6 9-11
01 Dec 20171Interclub S10 0600Viggy Wattanawong S10 0670Lost*4:6,0:6
10 Nov 20173Interclub S10 0600Viggy Wattanawong S10 0620Lost*6:0.6:0
03 Nov 20172Interclub S10 0650Georgia Charleton S10 0800Lost*6-3 6-1
31 Mar 20177Interclub S10 0600Jess Davies S10 0650Won*6-2 6-2
03 Mar 20174Interclub S10 0600Mia Davis S9  0960Lost6-4 6-0
17 Feb 20172Interclub S10 0610Natalie Pejcic S10 0650Lost*6-2, 0-6, 12-10
02 Dec 20167Interclub S10 0610Isabella Marinovich S9  1160Lost6-2, 6-3
25 Nov 20166Interclub S10 0600Isabella Cronin S11 0460Won6-2,6-2
18 Nov 20165Interclub S10 0600Katherine Stevenson S9  1075Lost6-1,6-2
04 Nov 20163Interclub S10 0600Isabelle Hamilton S9  0915Lost6-2,6-4
14 Oct 20161Interclub S11 0520Katalin Zsadanyi S10 0600Won*3-6, 1-6
02 Apr 20167Interclub S11 0470Emma Hoskin S11 0300Won*8-0
19 Mar 20166Interclub S11 0420Tessa Rouse S11 0300Won*8-0
12 Mar 20165Interclub S11 0370Emily Clark S11 0410Won*1-8
27 Feb 20163Interclub S11 0360Sarah Bloomfield S12 0050Won4-8
21 Nov 20155Interclub S11 0310Emily Clark S11 0300Won*3-8
07 Nov 20153Interclub S11 0360Molly Smart S11 0310Lost*2-8
31 Oct 20152Interclub S11 0350Sarah Bloomfield S12 0000Won4-8
17 Oct 20151Interclub S11 0300Lucy McDonald S11 0300Won*8-5
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