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Lauren Khoo
Association :Auckland
Club :Bucklands Beach
Player Code :AKBKLK
Before Date :
Singles : S9  0605
Doubles : D10 0505
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Tennis New Zealand and its Regions recommend all Tennis Associations, Affiliates and Clubs adopt this position and CANCEL all organised tennis competitions under their mandate until 2 May 2020. For full details, and up to date information, please visit
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S9 910
19 May 20192Interclub S9  0900Lucy Srzich S10 0610Won6-0 7-5
18 Apr 20193/4Tournament S9  0950Zara Ranchhod S9  1005Lost*6-2 6-2
17 Apr 2019SFTournament S9  1000Hayley Jiang S9  1120Lost*6-4 6-4
16 Apr 2019QFTournament S9  0950Viggy Wattanawong S9  1065Won*6-1 6-1
15 Apr 2019R16Tournament S9  0900Stella Piacun S9  0955Won*6-1 6-0
24 Mar 20197Interclub S9  0920Imogen Weenink S10 0750Lost*9/5
17 Mar 20196Interclub S9  0910Lucy Srzich S10 0610Won9-0
10 Mar 20195Interclub S9  0900Nancy Wei S10 0770Won9-2
03 Mar 20194Interclub S10 0880Alexandra Ioan S10 0650Won*9-4
17 Feb 20192Interclub S10 0870Helen Gu S11 0360Won9-1
08 Dec 20187Interclub S10 0820Xin-xin Zhu S9  0980Won*9-1
01 Dec 20186Interclub S10 0770Sophie Sorenson S10 0600Won*9-1
17 Nov 20184Interclub S10 0720Audrey Tran S10 0610Won*9-1
10 Nov 20183Interclub S10 0670Hannah Clark S10 0670Won*9-2
03 Nov 20182Interclub S10 0660Supreet Kaur S11 0460Won9-3
27 Oct 20181Interclub S10 0650Lily O'Neil S11 0360Won9/2
18 Mar 20186Interclub S10 0700Penny Brill S10 0859Lost*9:6
11 Mar 20185Interclub S10 0700Lucy Bartlett S9  0900Lost9-5
25 Feb 20183Interclub S10 0700Emmeline Duncan S9  0905Lost9-1
18 Feb 20182Interclub S10 0690Coco Zhou S11 0350Won9-1
09 Dec 20177Interclub S10 0640Maddy McCormick S10 0620Won*9-2
02 Dec 20176Interclub S10 0630Lily O'Neil S11 0300Won9-2
25 Nov 20175Interclub S10 0620Coco Zhou S11 0350Won9-5
18 Nov 20174Interclub S10 0610Abi Higgins S11 0350Won9-3
11 Nov 20173Interclub S10 0600Charlotte Marvin S11 0460Won9-5
04 Nov 20172Interclub S11 0510Liarna Ardana S11 0310Won*9-0
13 Sep 2017FinalTournament S11 0460Danielle Munford S10 0600Won*6-1 6-2
12 Sep 2017SFTournament S11 0410Jackie Lethbridge S10 0630Won*4-1 4-0
11 Sep 2017QFTournament S11 0400Jade Matthews S12 0200Won4-0 4-2
11 Sep 2017R2Tournament S11 0400Hannah Lin S10 0600Lost5-7 6-3 1-0(8)
11 Sep 2017R1Tournament S11 0350Sienna Rugg S11 0320Won*6-1 6-0
18 Jun 2017W-SFTournament S11 0300Muhan Cui S11 0300Won*4-1 4-2
18 Jun 2017W-FinalTournament S11 0340Ethan Zhang S11 0370Lost*4-2 4-1
18 Jun 2017QFTournament S11 0390Ella Satherley S11 0300Lost*0-4 4-0 10-6
18 Mar 20176Interclub S11 0440Kate Gallagher S11 0310Lost*9-8
17 Mar 20175Interclub S11 0390Alisha Gao S11 0300Won*9-0
25 Feb 20173Interclub S11 0380Hunter Tom S12 0150Won9-1
11 Feb 20171Interclub S11 0430Lupe Aloua S11 0360Lost*9-8
26 Nov 20166Interclub S11 0380Emma Hewetson S11 0400Won*9/6
19 Nov 20165Interclub S11 0370Phoebe Hunt S12 0150Won9-1
12 Nov 20164Interclub S11 0320Victoria Paul S10 0600Won*9-4
29 Oct 20162Interclub S11 0310Sophie Huggard S12 0060Won3-9
15 Oct 20161Interclub S11 0310Jasmin Manning S10 0600Lost9-4
02 Apr 20167Interclub S11 0360Alice Williams S11 0360Lost*9/4
19 Mar 20166Interclub S11 0310Anika Maharaj S11 0310Won*9/5
12 Mar 20165Interclub S11 0300Sophie Huggard S12 0060Won9/5
05 Mar 20164Interclub S11 0300Claudia Stephens S11 0310Lost*4/9
27 Feb 20163Interclub S12 0200Hunter Tom S12 0050Won*9/7
13 Feb 20161Interclub S12 0200Caitlin Tam S11 0300Lost5/9
12 Dec 20157Interclub S12 0150Mary Hunter S12 0000Won*2-9
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