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Isaac Adam
Association :Mid Canterbury
Club :Southern (MidC)
Player Code :MCSTIA
Before Date :
Singles : S10 0750
Doubles : D10 0615
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14 Mar 20201Interclub S10 0775Caleb Kelly S10 0665Lost7-5, 6-1
07 Mar 20202Interclub S10 0765Grace Austin S10 0520Won6-0 6-2
07 Mar 20205Interclub S10 0760Jasmine Uren S10 0405Won6-4, 6-3
16 Feb 20203Interclub S10 0755Harry Pender S12 0290Won4-0 4-0
15 Feb 20206Interclub S10 0735Sam Holland S11 0595Won6-4 6-0
15 Feb 20204Interclub S10 0730Joey Kilworth S11 0375Won6-0
25 Jan 20201Interclub S10 0725Jacob Carr S12 0000Won6-0
22 Dec 2019N-FinalTournament S10 0695Ollie Orr S10 0770Won5-4(5) 2-4 [10-5]
22 Dec 2019N-SFTournament S10 0675Charlie Robinson S11 0505Won4-0 4-0
21 Dec 2019QFTournament S10 0675Corbin Revis S9  0985Lost4-0 4-2
21 Dec 2019R1Tournament S10 0665Jesse Beynon S11 0415Won4-1 4-0
14 Dec 20197Interclub S10 0660Connor Heneghan S11 0300Won6-0
01 Dec 20192Interclub S10 0655Finlay Newman S12 0080Won4-0 4-1
29 Nov 20191Interclub S10 0645Leon Liu S11 0380Won4-1, 4-1
23 Nov 20195Interclub S10 0625Konrad Furndorfler S11 0430Won6-1
09 Nov 20193Interclub S10 0620Bryn Hanrahan S12 0070Won0-4, 1-4
08 Nov 2019SFTournament S10 0620Leo Tagg S9  0985Lost7-1
08 Nov 2019QFTournament S10 0620Mathew Campbell S9  1175Lost7-0
08 Nov 2019R16Tournament S10 0615Louis Belt S12 0100Won7-2
22 Oct 2019QFTournament S10 0605Murphy Porter S11 0330Won6-4
22 Oct 2019R16Tournament S10 0600Ben Smith S12 0000Won6-0
09 Oct 2019N-FinalTournament S10 0605Liam Howes S11 0445Lost4-2 4-0
09 Oct 2019SFTournament S10 0605Mathew Campbell S9  1155Lost4-0 4-0
08 Oct 2019QFTournament S10 0600Mark Crosby S12 0110Won4-1 4-0
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S10 600
23 Mar 20198Interclub S10 0600Angel Spooner S9  1160Lost*9-4
09 Mar 20196Interclub S10 0600Ashton Cromie S10 0890Lost*9-4
02 Mar 2019C-SFTournament S10 0610Arlo Parsons S11 0310Lost*9-4
01 Mar 2019QFTournament S10 0610Joshua Gilbert S9  0945Lost9-1
23 Feb 20195Interclub S10 0600Angela Ciora S10 0650Won9-7
16 Feb 20194Interclub S10 0600Ollie Jackways S10 0625Lost*9-8(5)
09 Feb 20193Interclub S10 0600Bede Giera S11 0410Lost*9-4
02 Feb 20192Interclub S10 0645Andrew Ermio S11 0370Lost*9-1
26 Jan 20191Interclub S10 0635Juliet Campbell S11 0460Won9-1
08 Dec 2018R1Tournament S10 0625Phillip Soshnikov S11 0300Won4-1 4-0
08 Dec 2018RR3Tournament S10 0615Dennis Soshnikov S11 0300Won4-0 4-0
07 Dec 2018RR2Tournament S10 0665Ashton Cromie S10 0670Lost*4-0 5-3
07 Dec 2018RR1Tournament S10 0665Joshua Gilbert S9  0915Lost4-0 4-0
10 Nov 20184Interclub S10 0615Jamie King S10 0610Won*9-8
04 Nov 2018RR1Tournament S10 0665Joshua Gilbert S10 0855Lost*6-1
04 Nov 2018RR3Tournament S10 0655Arlo Parsons S11 0300Won6-4
04 Nov 2018RR2Tournament S10 0650Dennis Soshnikov S12 0150Won6-1
03 Nov 20183Interclub S10 0600Ollie Jackways S10 0610Won*9-6
27 Oct 20182Interclub S10 0600Sam Holland S10 0650Lost*9-3
22 Oct 2018R1Tournament S10 0610Daniel Fullerton S10 0600Lost*4-2 4-0
20 Oct 2018RR3Tournament S10 0600James Johnson S11 0310Won4-1 4-2
20 Oct 2018R1Tournament S10 0600EeJin Tay S10 0620Lost*4-1 4-2
03 Oct 2018N-FinalTournament S10 0600Joshua Gilbert S10 0650Lost*4-0 4-0
03 Oct 2018N-SFTournament S11 0560Lachie O'Connell S11 0320Won*5-4(3) 4-1
02 Oct 2018QFTournament S11 0560Jack Hansen-Ratter S9  0900Lost4-0 4-1
02 Oct 2018R1Tournament S11 0550Archie Thomson S12 0050Won4-1 4-1
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