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Leah Adams
Association :Taranaki
Club :Toko
Player Code :TNTKLA
Before Date :
Singles : S11 0200
Doubles : D11 0205
Level 1 is here. Go play. And be kind when in doubt call it in.
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30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S11 300
17 Mar 201813Interclub S11 0300Dinah Symons S11 0420Lost*7-3
03 Mar 201811Interclub S11 0330Mahlee Campbell S11 0300Lost*8-6
17 Feb 20189Interclub S11 0320Olivia Kerr S12 0000Won7-0
27 Jan 20187Interclub S11 0310Keighley Adams S12 0050Won6-0
09 Dec 20175Interclub S11 0300Courtney O'Leary S12 0000Won7-0
02 Dec 20174Interclub S11 0300Dinah Symons S12 0150Lost*7-1
25 Nov 20173Interclub S12 0200Charlie McLeish S12 0000Won*7-0
11 Nov 20171Interclub S12 0150Luci Haami S12 0050Won*7-0
19 Nov 20164Interclub S12 0100Rhyley Coles S12 0000Won*6-4
19 Nov 20163Interclub S12 0050Flynn O'Sullivan S12 0000Won*6-0
05 Nov 20161Interclub S12 0000Leah Smith S12 0000Won*6-0
20 Feb 20162Interclub S12 0000Mathew Mills S12 0050Lost*6-4
13 Feb 20161Interclub S12 0000Cameron Hiestand S12 0000Lost*6-0
21 Nov 20153Interclub S12 0000Ezra Cornish S12 0110Lost*6-4
14 Nov 20152Interclub S12 0000Jorja Symes S11 0350Lost6-0
07 Nov 20151Interclub S12 0000Cameron Hiestand S12 0000Lost*6-2
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