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Jorja Agent
Association :Taranaki
Club :Stratford
Player Code :TNSFJA1
Before Date :
Singles : S12 0130
Doubles : D12 0045
Level 1 is here. Go play. And be kind when in doubt call it in.
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30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S12 200
17 Feb 20188Interclub S12 0200Elizabeth Hughes S11 0400Lost6-4 6-3
03 Feb 201810Interclub S12 0200Felix Butler S11 0300Lost6-2 6-3
10 Feb 20187Interclub S12 0200Reece Holmes S11 0300Lost6-2 7-5
16 Dec 20176Interclub S12 0200Madaline Symes S11 0390Lost6-2 6-2
18 Nov 20172Interclub S12 0200Mariska Ludlow S11 0380Lost6-2 6-3
04 Dec 2016C-QFTournament S12 0200Simon Clegg S11 0350Lost4-1 4-3
04 Dec 2016R32Tournament S12 0150Jacob Old S12 0150Won*4-1 5-3
26 Nov 20164Interclub S12 0100Michael Craig S12 0000Won*7-4
19 Nov 20163Interclub S12 0150Edward Mulligan S12 0150Lost*7-1
05 Nov 20161Interclub S12 0100Manu Prieto S12 0000Won*7-5
02 Nov 2016QFTournament S12 0100Lottie Moffat S11 0360Lost7-0
02 Nov 2016R16Tournament S12 0050Anina Loveridge S12 0100Won*5-4
12 Mar 20165Interclub S12 0000Michael Craig S12 0000Won*7-6
05 Mar 20164Interclub S12 0050Harrison Nicholas S12 0000Lost*7-3
21 Feb 2016RR3Tournament S12 0000Arabella Barber S12 0100Won*9-7
21 Feb 2016RR2Tournament S12 0050Anina Loveridge S12 0000Lost*9-8
31 Jan 20161Tournament S12 0000Nicola Sutherland-Smith S12 0150Won*4/2 5/4 7/5
12 Dec 20156Interclub S12 0000Edward Mulligan S12 0150Lost*8-6
21 Nov 20153Interclub S12 0050Simon Clegg S12 0050Lost*7-2
14 Nov 20152Interclub S12 0000Iva Cecil S12 0000Won*6-1
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