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Rynold Timothy
Association :Eastern
Club :Hastings
Player Code :HBHTRT
Before Date :
Singles : S2  3060
Doubles : D4  2645
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23 Jan 20211Team Event Hamish Mead Won6-2/2-6/6-2
28 Nov 20205Interclub S2  3055Luke Winter S5  2130Won6-0 6-1
21 Nov 20204Interclub S2  3050Andrew Shand S3  2730Won6-3/6-2
15 Nov 20201Team Event S2  3035Cam Wenham S3  2900Won6-2/6-4
31 Oct 20202Interclub S2  3060Dan Willman S3  2905Lost6-3/7-6
17 Oct 20201Interclub S2  3055Grant Angus S6  2080Won6/0 6/2
27 Jun 2020FinalTournament S2  3030Daniel Rowe S2  3145Won2-6 7-6 7-5
07 Mar 2020SFTournament S2  3010Craig Giddy S3  2950Won7-6 6-3
07 Mar 2020QFTournament S2  3005Tom McIvor S7  1675Won6-2 6-2
16 Feb 20201Team Event S2  3000Nicholas Caton S4  2440Won6-2/6-2
25 Jan 20201Team Event S3  2995Brady Simpson S5  2160Won6-1/6-0
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S3 2999
13 Sep 20195Interclub S3  2999Zac Atkins S5  2300Won2/6,4/6
30 Aug 20193Interclub S3  2999Grant Angus S6  2015Won6/2,6/1
16 Aug 20191Interclub S3  2999Hamish Lee S4  2699Won4/6,5/7
19 May 2019FinalTournament S3  2999Daniel Rowe S2  3140Lost6-4 6-2
18 May 2019SFTournament S3  2999Craig Giddy S3  2999Won*6-2 6-2
05 May 20193Team Event S3  2999James Wilce S4  2660Won6-7, 6-0, 10-6
04 May 20192Team Event S3  2999Martin Van Zyl S4  2450Won6-1, 6-0
04 May 20191Team Event S3  2999Zane Hartley S4  2490Won6-1, 6-1
29 Mar 20195Interclub S3  2999Ian Meredith S6  1875Won4-0 4-0
15 Mar 20194Interclub Grant Angus WonDefault
08 Mar 20193Interclub S3  2999Martin Lott S6  1954Won4/0,4/0
01 Mar 20192Interclub S3  2999Andrew Reynolds S5  2130Won4-04-1
22 Feb 20191Interclub S3  2999Gary Wise S8  1260Won4-1/4-0
24 Nov 20185Interclub S3  2999Heath Hooper S7  1750Won6-1/6-1
10 Nov 20183Interclub S3  2999Zac Atkins S4  2400Won6-1/6-2
03 Nov 20182Interclub S3  2999Dan Willman S2  3000Lost7-6/7-5
14 Oct 20181Team Event S3  2960Kurt Amey S3  2760Won*6/2 6/2
28 Sep 20186Interclub S3  2950Hamish Lee S4  2455Won6-2/6-3
14 Sep 20185Interclub S3  2945Grant Angus S5  2100Won6-0/6-1
07 Sep 20184Interclub S3  2940Ian Purdon S6  1800Won6-0/6-0
24 Aug 20182Interclub S3  2930Hamish Lee S4  2435Won64/6-3
17 Aug 20181Interclub S3  2920Zac Atkins S4  2425Won4-6/2-6
05 May 2018FinalTournament S3  2870Daniel Rowe S3  2999Won*6-3 3-6 6-4
01 May 2018SFTournament S3  2845Craig Giddy S3  2935Won6-1 7-6
23 Apr 2018QFTournament S3  2840Luke Winter S6  1865Won6-2 6-0
14 Apr 20182Team Event S3  2830Luke Hamilton S4  2430Won6-2/6-4
14 Apr 20181Team Event S3  2825Andy Mellor S5  2105Won6-2/6-0
23 Mar 20186Interclub S3  2815Jonathan Fall S4  2405Won4/1 4/0
02 Mar 20183Interclub S3  2810Mike Hunia S6  1865Won4-0 4-2
23 Feb 20182Interclub S3  2805Simon Cowan S6  1925Won4/1,4/1
16 Feb 20181Interclub S3  2800Ross Clayton S7  1705Won4-0 4-0
26 Nov 20167Interclub S3  2750Marc Paulik S2  3499Won*2-6 6-4 6-3
12 Nov 20163Interclub S3  2800Ra McFarland S5  2165Lost*6-0 6-0
12 Nov 20165Interclub S3  2750Robbie Barnsley S3  2700Won*6-3 6-1
05 Nov 20164Interclub S3  2800Samuel Newman S3  2705Lost*6-4 6-2
29 Oct 20163Interclub S3  2850Joshua Gwynne S3  2820Lost*6-2 1-6 7-6
30 Jun 2016Adjustment S3 2850Reason: Regrade
14 May 2016SFTournament S2  3005Luke Donovan S3  2845Lost*6-4 2-6 7-6
02 May 2016QFTournament S2  3000Jonty Sabiston S6  2010Won6-0 6-0
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