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Marcus Abbott
Association :Auckland
Club :Sunnyhills
Player Code :AKSYMA
Before Date :
Singles : S7  1540
Doubles : D9  0955
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27 Feb 20217Interclub Kazunao Kosugi Won7-5 6-4
21 Feb 20212Interclub Oliver Anderson Won9-2
14 Feb 20211Interclub S7  1520Ben Coles S8  1410Won9-8
06 Feb 2021R16Tournament S7  1525Kalani Savage S7  1780Lost6-3 6-3
05 Feb 2021R32Tournament S7  1520Pranav Kumar S10 0790Won6-0 6-2
31 Jan 20213/4Tournament S7  1500Zac Wight S8  1310Won6-2 6-1
30 Jan 2021SFTournament S7  1505Tudor Dalzell S8  1410Lost6-0 7-6(5)
29 Jan 2021QFTournament S8  1485Ben Coles S8  1360Won7-5 6-0
25 Jan 2021FinalTournament S8  1465Jamie King S8  1345Won6-2 6-1
25 Jan 2021SFTournament S8  1420Bede McCashin S7  1535Won6-3 6-3
24 Jan 2021QFTournament S8  1420James Burrows S7  1760Lost6-0 6-1
24 Jan 2021R16Tournament S8  1440Tudor Dalzell S8  1365Lost6-0 6-2
12 Dec 20207Interclub S8  1435Caleb Matthias S10 0860Won9/7
10 Dec 20203/4Tournament S8  1460Yoog Gundani S8  1350Lost4-6 6-0 12-10
09 Dec 2020SFTournament S8  1470Ben Stephens S7  1595Lost6-2 6-3
09 Dec 2020QFTournament S8  1440Blake Hay S8  1380Won6-1 7-5
09 Dec 2020R2Tournament S8  1435Finn Wood S10 0655Won6-3 6-1
06 Dec 20206Interclub S8  1445Luca Bland S7  1570Lost6-0 4-6 10-7
05 Dec 20206Interclub S8  1440Nelisa Lologa S8  0910Won9-2
29 Nov 20205Interclub S8  1395Raphael Savelli S7  1590Won6-4 6-4
28 Nov 20205Interclub S8  1390Te Rino Ngawhika S9  0930Won9-5
22 Nov 20204Interclub S8  1370Kimi Zhao S8  1200Won6-4 6-2
21 Nov 20204Interclub S8  1370Ben Archbold S6  1800Lost9-1
14 Nov 20204Interclub S8  1360Kareem Ismail S9  1090Won4/6, 4/6
08 Nov 20202Interclub S8  1315Tudor Dalzell S8  1435Won4-6 6-2 10-4
07 Nov 20202Interclub S8  1310Daniel Bargh S9  0965Won9/4
01 Nov 20201Interclub S8  1305Jacob Solomon S10 0830Won6-4 6-3
31 Oct 20201Interclub S8  1300Ariyan Umrigar S10 0670Won9-4
01 Oct 2020SFTournament S8  1305Joe Bryant S7  1600Lost6-1 6-1
30 Sep 2020QFTournament S8  1275Roger Lin S8  1345Won6-3 6-1
30 Sep 2020R16Tournament S8  1255Luca Morris S9  1110Won6-2 6-3
15 Mar 20205Interclub S8  1245Sebastian Poole S9  1040Won7-9
08 Mar 20204Interclub S8  1200Roger Yang S8  1335Won8-9
01 Mar 20203Interclub S9  1195William Phillips S12 0290Won0-9
23 Feb 20202Interclub S8  1200Ben Taylor S8  1410Lost9-1
16 Feb 20201Interclub S8  1205Ben Archbold S8  1420Lost9-2
21 Dec 2019QFTournament S8  1205Keean Jang S7  1650Lost6-3 6-0
20 Dec 2019R16Tournament S9  1185Zac Wight S9  0995Won6-4 6-4
19 Dec 2019R32Tournament S8  1210Aaditya Lal S9  1100Lost6-4 6-1
18 Dec 2019R2Tournament S8  1205Kaidan Cibulskis S10 0630Won6-3 6-3
07 Dec 20197Interclub S8  1200Ross Yao S10 0840Won0-9
30 Nov 20196Interclub S8  1225YongHua Zhu S10 0745Lost4/9
30 Nov 20196Interclub S8  1245Sacha Bland S8  1340Lost6-4 6-4
23 Nov 20195Interclub S8  1265Jeremiah Teua S8  1240Lost9/4
16 Nov 20194Interclub S8  1260Bryan Mosheim S10 0805Won2/9
09 Nov 20193Interclub S8  1240Scott Mouat S9  1105Won9/5
19 Oct 20191Interclub S8  1260Matty Clements S8  1350Lost5/9
14 Oct 2019RR1Tournament S8  1230Alex Savelli S8  1295Won7-5 7-5
14 Oct 2019R0Tournament S8  1230Keean Jang S7  1530Lost6-2 6-1
10 Oct 2019FinalTournament S8  1200Jack Sladen S8  1225Won6-1 6-1
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