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Jessie Chen
Association :Auckland
Club :Blockhouse Bay
Player Code :AKBBJ1C
Before Date :
Singles : S7  1020
Doubles : D9  0640
Grading conversion completed. Please advise any issues to
From September 30 Match Hub will change to using Points based promotion instead of Wins based and there will be a unified Grading List. There will still be 12 grading bands as at present. However there will be different Grade points bands for males and females. Players move up or down a Grade when their points reach the next grade level. For more info see
21 Dec 2019SFTournament Mina Zhang LostDefault
20 Dec 2019QFTournament Jasmine Tran LostDefault
20 Dec 2019R16Tournament S7  1025Eliana Roelofs S6  1275Lost6-4 6-4
18 Dec 2019R1Tournament S7  1030Tatum Falck S6  1265Lost7-5 6-1
16 Dec 2019SFTournament Charli Watts LostDefault
15 Dec 2019R16Tournament S7  1030Ella O'Malley S5  1700Lost6-0 7-6(6)
24 Nov 20195Interclub Mala Krzanic-Sullivan WonDefault
17 Nov 20194Interclub S7  1000Ruju Rai S7  1040Won6-2 6-4
10 Nov 20193Interclub S7  1035Tayla Craigen S9  0630Lost6-4 6-4
20 Oct 20191Interclub S7  1030Laura Hu S9  0630Won6-2 6-0
09 Oct 2019FinalTournament S7  1000Audrey Newman S8  0955Won6-2 6-4
08 Oct 2019SFTournament S7  1000Taleia Tuatao S8  0965Lost6-3 6-2
07 Oct 2019QFTournament S7  1020Chelsea Wijntjes S7  1050Lost6-1 6-4
07 Oct 2019R16Tournament S7  1010Grace Luen S8  0800Won6-3 6-0
05 Oct 20192Interclub S7  1005Amy James S9  0630Won6-0,6-0
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S7 1510
10 Jul 2019RR5Tournament S7  1500Jessica Bergin S8  1250Won6-4 6-1
09 Jul 2019RR3Tournament S7  1500Taleia Tuatao S8  1250Lost*3-6 6-4 10-4
08 Jul 2019RR4Tournament S7  1505Sasha Tuxford S8  1405Lost*6-1 6-4
08 Jul 2019RR2Tournament S7  1505Olivia Brown S6  1965Lost6-1 6-0
07 Jul 20195Interclub S7  1500Louise Conway S9  1120Won2-6 3-6
23 Jun 20194Interclub S8  1470Makiyo Needham S6  1820Won*6-4 6-3
09 Jun 20193Interclub S8  1420Emmeline Duncan S8  1390Won*6/3, 6/2
05 May 20191Interclub S8  1370Karen Purdie S7  1650Won*6-3 6-4
28 Apr 2019R1Tournament S8  1420Muhan Cui S8  1335Lost*1-4 5-4 10-7
26 Apr 2019RR2Tournament S8  1370Ariana Hunt S8  1449Won*6-0 6-0
26 Apr 2019RR1Tournament S8  1370Claire Liang S7  1700Lost6-3 6-1
16 Apr 2019RR1Tournament S8  1345Rebecca Clements S8  1205Won6-4 6-2
15 Apr 2019R1Tournament S8  1395Chelsea Wijntjes S8  1385Lost*6-1 4-6 10-6
02 Apr 2019R16Tournament S8  1395Elyse Tse S2  3040Lost9-0
02 Apr 2019R32Tournament S8  1390Victoria Rolle S10 0670Won9-2
17 Mar 20196Interclub S8  1380Rosa Dewhurst S9  0900Won9:1
03 Mar 20194Interclub S8  1375Phoebe Klink S10 0700Won9-3
24 Feb 20193Interclub S8  1370Asta Schnell S10 0605Won9-1
23 Feb 20199Interclub S8  1370Amanda Gilchrist S7  1550Lost6-1,6-3
17 Feb 20192Interclub S8  1370Anika Quinn S7  1560Lost3-9
16 Feb 20199Interclub S8  1370Gina Ruahe S7  1570Lost6/2 6/1
10 Feb 20191Interclub S8  1360Jasmine Gulanes S9  0900Won9-0
13 Jan 2019FinalTournament S8  1310Hannah Lin S8  1285Won*6-2 4-6 [11-9]
12 Jan 2019SFTournament S8  1210Charli Watts S7  1500Won**3-6 6-2 [10-7]
11 Jan 2019QFTournament S8  1260Chelsea Wijntjes S8  1300Lost*5-7 6-4 6-3
11 Jan 2019R16Tournament S8  1210Ariana Hunt S8  1230Won*6-2 6-1
07 Jan 2019RR5Tournament S8  1205Helen Gu S11 0310Won6-0 6-1
07 Jan 2019RR4Tournament S8  1200Jasmine Druskovich S11 0410Won6-1 6-1
06 Jan 2019RR3Tournament S9  1150Lunar Watanabe S9  1010Won*6-1 6-3
05 Jan 2019RR2Tournament S9  1150Ruju Rai S8  1275Lost6-3 6-3
05 Jan 2019RR1Tournament S9  1100Lilian Zhang S9  0920Won*2-6 6-0 6-2
19 Dec 2018FinalTournament S9  1050Muhan Cui S9  0950Won*6-1 6-3
18 Dec 2018SFTournament S9  1040Jessica Bergin S10 0700Won6-2 6-1
18 Dec 2018QFTournament S9  1090Ariana Hunt S9  1199Lost*6-2 6-2
17 Dec 2018R16Tournament S9  1040Taleia Tuatao S9  0900Won*6-2 6-1
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