2018-2019 Junior Post-Xmas Interclub (Auckland)
Girls 14's Saturday Section 3 Draw
Round robin plus one playoff round. Playoff points will be added to rd robin total for each team. Winner will be team with most points from rd robin plus playoff scores. Draw for rd 6 will be sent out after 9 March.
In case of wet weather, or rescheduled contests, playoff round may be changed to either 23 or 30 March. Tennis Auckland will advise clubs if that is the case.
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Sat09 Feb 201908:30 amSunnyside Orakei Sunnyside  (PapatoetoeHS 1,PapatoetoeHS 2)
Sat09 Feb 201908:30 amRemuera Howick Remuera  (5,6)
Sat09 Feb 201908:30 amDunholme Winstone Park Nicholson Park  (1,2)
2Sat16 Feb 201908:30 amRemuera Sunnyside Sunnyside  (PapatoetoeHS 1,PapatoetoeHS 2)
Sat16 Feb 201908:30 amOrakei Dunholme Dunholme  (Kings Prep 3,Kings Prep 4)
Sat16 Feb 201908:30 amHowick Winstone Park Auckland Netball  (27,28)
3Sat23 Feb 201908:30 amWinstone Park Orakei Orakei  (5,6)
Sat23 Feb 201908:30 amDunholme Remuera Remuera  (5,6)
Sat23 Feb 201908:30 amSunnyside Howick Sunnyside  (PapatoetoeHS 1,PapatoetoeHS 2)
4Sat02 Mar 201908:30 amRemuera Winstone Park Winstone Park  (1,2)
Sat02 Mar 201908:30 amHowick Orakei Orakei  (1,2)
Sat02 Mar 201908:30 amSunnyside Dunholme Sunnyside  (PapatoetoeHS 1,PapatoetoeHS 2)
5Sat09 Mar 201908:30 amDunholme Howick Howick  (1,2)
Sat09 Mar 201908:30 amWinstone Park Sunnyside Winstone Park  (1,2)
Sat09 Mar 201908:30 amOrakei Remuera Remuera  (5,6)
6Sat16 Mar 201908:30 am
Sat16 Mar 201908:30 am
Sat16 Mar 201908:30 am
Dunholme Katherine Yovich021 0208 9023Marie Yovich021 0208 9023
Howick Abby Beattie02102884873 / 5370509Miranda Beattie 02102884873
Orakei Anna Marshall5244214Kat Walter027 222 8855
Remuera Lucy Russ021 750 510Lucy Russ
Sunnyside Jade Edwards-Bell092753643Alan Edwards-Bell0274793510
Winstone Park Olivia Snelling027 560190Krista027 5601909