2019-2020 Junior Pre-Xmas Interclub (Auckland)
Girls 16's Saturday Section 3 Draw
Round robin plus one playoff round. Playoff points will be added to rd robin total for each team. Winner will be team with most points from rd robin plus playoff scores. Draw for rd 6 will be sent out after 23 November.
In case of wet weather, playoff will be moved to 7 December. TA to advise.
3/12: Playoff rd published
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Sat19 Oct 201908:30 amDunholme Cockle Bay Scarbro  (5 In,6 In)
Sat19 Oct 201908:30 amMission Bay Winstone Park Winstone Park  (3,4)
Sat19 Oct 201908:30 amSunnyside Remuera Remuera  (8,9)
2Sat02 Nov 201908:30 amMission Bay Dunholme Mission Bay  (1,2)
Sat02 Nov 201908:30 amCockle Bay Sunnyside Sunnyside  (1,2)
Sat02 Nov 201908:30 amWinstone Park Remuera Remuera  (7,10)
3Sat09 Nov 201908:30 amRemuera Cockle Bay Cockle Bay  (5,6)
Sat09 Nov 201908:30 amSunnyside Mission Bay Mission Bay  (1,2)
Sat09 Nov 201908:30 amDunholme Winstone Park Winstone Park  (3,4)
4Sat16 Nov 201908:30 amMission Bay Remuera Mission Bay  (1,2)
Sat16 Nov 201908:30 amWinstone Park Cockle Bay Cockle Bay  (3,4)
Sat16 Nov 201908:30 amDunholme Sunnyside Dunholme  (Kings Prep 3,Kings Prep 4)
5Sat23 Nov 201908:30 amSunnyside Winstone Park Sunnyside  (1,2)
Sat23 Nov 201908:30 amRemuera Dunholme Remuera  (8,9)
Sat23 Nov 201908:30 amCockle Bay Mission Bay Scarbro  (13 Out,16 Out)
6Sat07 Dec 201908:30 amWinstone Park Dunholme Winstone Park  (3,4)
Sat07 Dec 201908:30 amSunnyside Mission Bay Scarbro  (17 Out,18 Out)
Sat07 Dec 201908:30 amRemuera Cockle Bay Remuera  (5,6)
Cockle Bay Reena Chen021 253 3537 / 534-2466Marcel Thorpe021-0230-4576
Dunholme Jessica Went021 228 3424Justine Went021 228 3424
Mission Bay Nina KoukineAnton Koukine0212375763
Remuera Scarlette BellScarlett Bell
Sunnyside Manea Ryan0210350660 / 092782882Betty Ryan0210350660
Winstone Park Mackenzie Paul0211742974 / 6209498Fiona0211742974