2019-2020 Junior Pre-Xmas Interclub (Auckland)
Girls 14's Saturday Section 2 Draw
Round robin plus one playoff round. Playoff points will be added to rd robin total for each team. Winner will be team with most points from rd robin plus playoff scores. Draw for rd 6 will be sent out after 23 November.
26/11: Playoff round (rd 6) published
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Sat19 Oct 201908:30 amHowick Remuera Manurewa  (1,2)
Sat19 Oct 201908:30 amCampbell Park Winstone Park Manurewa  (3,4)
Sat19 Oct 201908:30 amClevedon Kohimarama Manurewa  (5,6)
2Sat02 Nov 201908:30 amCampbell Park Howick Auckland Netball  (25,26)
Sat02 Nov 201908:30 amRemuera Clevedon Clevedon  (3,4)
Sat02 Nov 201908:30 amWinstone Park Kohimarama Kohimarama  (3,4)
3Sat09 Nov 201908:30 amKohimarama Remuera Remuera  (7,10)
Sat09 Nov 201908:30 amClevedon Campbell Park Auckland Netball  (21,22)
Sat09 Nov 201908:30 amHowick Winstone Park Winstone Park  (1,2)
4Sat16 Nov 201908:30 amCampbell Park Kohimarama Campbell Park  (1,2)
Sat16 Nov 201908:30 amWinstone Park Remuera Remuera  (7,10)
Sat16 Nov 201908:30 amHowick Clevedon Clevedon  (3,4)
5Sat23 Nov 201908:30 amClevedon Winstone Park Winstone Park  (3,4)
Sat23 Nov 201908:30 amKohimarama Howick Howick  (1,2)
Sat23 Nov 201908:30 amRemuera Campbell Park Remuera  (5,6)
6Sat30 Nov 201908:30 amClevedon Winstone Park Clevedon  (1,2)
Sat30 Nov 201908:30 amCampbell Park Remuera Remuera  (7,10)
Sat30 Nov 201908:30 amKohimarama Howick Auckland Netball  (27,28)
Campbell Park Boidehi Ukil0210618573Boidehi Ukil0210618573
Clevedon Nina King021 478 011Tracy Frizzell021 216 2024
Howick Tyla Roest027 7779290Lisa Roest0211691722
Kohimarama Charlie Bamford021611545Gill Blower+6495288239
Remuera Holly HaskellHolly Haskell
Winstone Park Olivia Snelling027 5601909Krista027 5601909