2020 Frampton Winter Interclub (Wellington)
C Grade Draw
Note for the Team Managers:If a team cannot play on the 31st May (Round 1) because of the Queens birthday long weekend, please contact your oppositions team manager to reschedule the tie to the following Sunday 7th June same time and venue.
The winning team manager needs to enter the results following the steps below:
1/ Go to http://tennis.org.nz/resultslogin.asp
2/ Enter your player code into -player code- and click -request new password-. Your new password will be emailed to you.
3/ Go back to step 1 and 2 entering your new password into -password- and click login

RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Sun31 May 202001:00 pmPukerua Bay AKilbirnie 3Pukerua Bay  (1,2)
Sun31 May 202001:00 pmPaekakariki 1Maungaraki 1Maungaraki  (1,2)
Sun31 May 202001:00 pmPaekakariki 2Karori United BPaekakariki  (1,2)
Sun31 May 202001:00 pmMiramar (Bye)
2Sun14 Jun 202001:00 pmMiramar Maungaraki 1Miramar  (1,2)
Sun14 Jun 202001:00 pmPukerua Bay AKarori United BKarori United  (1,2)
Sun14 Jun 202001:00 pmPaekakariki 1Paekakariki 2Paekakariki  (1,2)
Sun14 Jun 202001:00 pmKilbirnie 3(Bye)
3Sun28 Jun 202001:00 pmKilbirnie 3Karori United BRenouf TC  (9,10)
Sun28 Jun 202001:00 pmPukerua Bay APaekakariki 1Paekakariki  (1,2)
Sun19 Jul 202001:00 pmMiramar Paekakariki 2Miramar  (1,2)
Sun28 Jun 202001:00 pmMaungaraki 1(Bye)
4Sun12 Jul 202001:00 pmMaungaraki 1Paekakariki 2Renouf TC  (7,8)
Sun12 Jul 202001:00 pmKilbirnie 3Paekakariki 1Paekakariki  (1,2)
Sun12 Jul 202001:00 pmMiramar Pukerua Bay APukerua Bay  (1,2)
Sun12 Jul 202001:00 pmKarori United B(Bye)
5Sun26 Jul 202001:00 pmKarori United BPaekakariki 1Paekakariki  (1,2)
Sun26 Jul 202001:00 pmMaungaraki 1Pukerua Bay APukerua Bay  (1,2)
Sun26 Jul 202001:00 pmKilbirnie 3Miramar Miramar  (1,2)
Sun26 Jul 202001:00 pmPaekakariki 2(Bye)
6Sun09 Aug 202001:00 pmPaekakariki 2Pukerua Bay APaekakariki  (1,2)
Sun09 Aug 202001:00 pmKarori United BMiramar Karori United  (1,2)
Sun09 Aug 202001:00 pmMaungaraki 1Kilbirnie 3Maungaraki  (1,2)
Sun09 Aug 202001:00 pmPaekakariki 1(Bye)
7Sun23 Aug 202001:00 pmPaekakariki 1Miramar Miramar  (1,2)
Sun23 Aug 202001:00 pmPaekakariki 2Kilbirnie 3Paekakariki  (1,2)
Sun23 Aug 202001:00 pmKarori United BMaungaraki 1Karori United  (1,2)
Sun23 Aug 202001:00 pmPukerua Bay A(Bye)
Karori United BPip Groom 0272477266
Kilbirnie 3Chris Sole0222474700
Maungaraki 1Prathiba Gupta0210 252 8199
Miramar Allistair Kohing0212710633
Paekakariki 1John Stewart 0211909613
Paekakariki 2Arend Lanser0223083761
Pukerua Bay AHeather Atkinson0211821669