2020-2021 Auckland Summer Interclub (Auckland)
Open Women 3 Draw
4/2/21: Herne Bay and Gladstone withdrawn from grade. This grade now restarts 20 Feb with revised draw - a new draw has been posted called "Open Women 3 - Post Xmas"
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Sat26 Sep 202012:00 pmGladstone Pompallier Pompallier  (3,4)
Sat26 Sep 202012:00 pmSt Heliers Eden Epsom St Heliers  (1,2)
Sat26 Sep 202012:00 pmHerne Bay New Lynn New Lynn  (1,2)
Sat26 Sep 202012:00 pmRoyal Oak Sunnyside Sunnyside  (3,4)
Sat26 Sep 202012:00 pmWinstone Park Jellicoe Park Jellicoe Park  (3,4)
Sat26 Sep 202012:00 pmBlockhouse Bay (Bye)
2Sun18 Oct 202012:00 pmHerne Bay Gladstone Herne Bay  (3,4)
Sun18 Oct 202012:00 pmRoyal Oak Blockhouse Bay Royal Oak  (1,2)
Sun18 Oct 202012:00 pmWinstone Park Pompallier Winstone Park  (3,4)
Sun18 Oct 202012:00 pmJellicoe Park Eden Epsom Jellicoe Park  (1,2)
Sun18 Oct 202012:00 pmSunnyside New Lynn New Lynn  (1,2)
Sun18 Oct 202012:00 pmSt Heliers (Bye)
3Sat31 Oct 202012:00 pmWinstone Park Gladstone Gladstone  (3,4)
Sat31 Oct 202012:00 pmJellicoe Park Blockhouse Bay Blockhouse Bay  (8,9)
Sat31 Oct 202012:00 pmNew Lynn Eden Epsom Eden Epsom  (3,4)
Sun15 Nov 202012:00 pmRoyal Oak St Heliers Scarbro  (17 Out,18 Out)
Sat19 Dec 202012:00 pmSunnyside Pompallier Sunnyside  (1,2)
Sat31 Oct 202012:00 pmHerne Bay (Bye)
4Sat14 Nov 202012:00 pmSt Heliers Blockhouse Bay St Heliers  (3,4)
Sat14 Nov 202012:00 pmHerne Bay Pompallier Herne Bay  (3,4)
Sat14 Nov 202012:00 pmRoyal Oak Eden Epsom Royal Oak  (3,4)
Sat14 Nov 202012:00 pmWinstone Park New Lynn New Lynn  (1,2)
Sat14 Nov 202012:00 pmJellicoe Park Sunnyside Jellicoe Park  (3,4)
Sat14 Nov 202012:00 pmGladstone (Bye)
5Sat28 Nov 202012:00 pmBlockhouse Bay Eden Epsom Eden Epsom  (5,6)
Sat28 Nov 202012:00 pmGladstone New Lynn New Lynn  (1,2)
Sat28 Nov 202012:00 pmSt Heliers Sunnyside Sunnyside  (1,2)
Sat28 Nov 202012:00 pmHerne Bay Jellicoe Park Jellicoe Park  (1,2)
Sat28 Nov 202012:00 pmRoyal Oak Winstone Park Winstone Park  (1,2)
Sat28 Nov 202012:00 pmPompallier (Bye)
6Sat12 Dec 202012:00 pmPompallier New Lynn Pompallier  (1,2)
Sat12 Dec 202012:00 pmBlockhouse Bay Sunnyside Blockhouse Bay  (3,4)
Sat12 Dec 202012:00 pmGladstone Jellicoe Park Gladstone  (1,2)
Sat12 Dec 202012:00 pmSt Heliers Winstone Park Winstone Park  (3,4)
Sat12 Dec 202012:00 pmHerne Bay Royal Oak Royal Oak  (1,2)
Sat12 Dec 202012:00 pmEden Epsom (Bye)
7Sat13 Feb 202112:00 pmEden Epsom Sunnyside
Sat13 Feb 202112:00 pmPompallier Jellicoe Park
Sat13 Feb 202112:00 pmBlockhouse Bay Winstone Park
Sat13 Feb 202112:00 pmGladstone Royal Oak
Sat13 Feb 202112:00 pmSt Heliers Herne Bay
Sat13 Feb 202112:00 pmNew Lynn (Bye)
8Sat20 Feb 202112:00 pmNew Lynn Jellicoe Park
Sat20 Feb 202112:00 pmEden Epsom Winstone Park
Sat20 Feb 202112:00 pmPompallier Royal Oak
Sat20 Feb 202112:00 pmBlockhouse Bay Herne Bay
Sat20 Feb 202112:00 pmGladstone St Heliers
Sat20 Feb 202112:00 pmSunnyside (Bye)
9Sat06 Mar 202112:00 pmSunnyside Winstone Park
Sat06 Mar 202112:00 pmNew Lynn Royal Oak
Sat06 Mar 202112:00 pmEden Epsom Herne Bay
Sat06 Mar 202112:00 pmPompallier St Heliers
Sat06 Mar 202112:00 pmBlockhouse Bay Gladstone
Sat06 Mar 202112:00 pmJellicoe Park (Bye)
10Sat20 Mar 202112:00 pmJellicoe Park Royal Oak
Sat20 Mar 202112:00 pmSunnyside Herne Bay
Sat20 Mar 202112:00 pmNew Lynn St Heliers
Sat20 Mar 202112:00 pmEden Epsom Gladstone
Sat20 Mar 202112:00 pmPompallier Blockhouse Bay
Sat20 Mar 202112:00 pmWinstone Park (Bye)
11Sat10 Apr 202112:00 pmWinstone Park Herne Bay
Sat10 Apr 202112:00 pmJellicoe Park St Heliers
Sat10 Apr 202112:00 pmSunnyside Gladstone
Sat10 Apr 202112:00 pmNew Lynn Blockhouse Bay
Sat10 Apr 202112:00 pmEden Epsom Pompallier
Sat10 Apr 202112:00 pmRoyal Oak (Bye)
Blockhouse Bay Helen Gu0210376487Helen Gu 0210376487
Eden Epsom Millie Taylor022 6734789Millie Taylor022 6734789
Gladstone Emma Denton021 245 6557
Herne Bay Kate ClausenKate Clausen022 318 3621
Jellicoe Park Rosa McQuoid0224940677Rosa McQuoid0224940677
New Lynn Georgia McMurtrie021 806 992Georgia McMurtrie
Pompallier Marilyn Giroux022 376 8157
Royal Oak Rebecca Mursell021 1722854
St Heliers Sophie Maxwell021 104 0220Sophie Maxwell021 265 1349
Sunnyside Anet Conroy027 267 9825 / 267 9825Anet Conroy0272679825
Winstone Park Mackenzie Paul0211742974 / 6209498