2020-2021 Auckland Summer Interclub (Auckland)
Super Men 2 Draw
19/2/2021 - Playoff draws for final three rounds on 27 February, 13 & 27 March completed. Winner will be team with most points at conclusion of round 10. Grade winner will be from top four teams (Papatoetoe, East Tamaki, West Harbour, Winstone Park)
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Sat19 Dec 202012:00 pmMission Bay Cockle Bay Cockle Bay  (3,4)
Sat19 Dec 202012:00 pmWaiheke Island East Tamaki ASB Tennis  (2 Out,3 Out)
Sat19 Dec 202012:00 pmPapakura The BoysWinstone Park Winstone Park  (1,2)
Sat19 Dec 202012:00 pmPapatoetoe West Harbour West Harbour  (1,2)
2Sat03 Oct 202012:00 pmCockle Bay Papakura The BoysCockle Bay  (3,4)
Sat03 Oct 202012:00 pmWinstone Park Papatoetoe Papatoetoe  (1,2)
Sat03 Oct 202012:00 pmEast Tamaki West Harbour West Harbour  (1,2)
Sat03 Oct 202012:00 pmWaiheke Island Mission Bay Mission Bay  (5,6)
3Sat17 Oct 202012:00 pmWest Harbour Winstone Park West Harbour  (1,2)
Sat17 Oct 202012:00 pmPapakura The BoysWaiheke Island ASB Tennis  (2 Out,3 Out)
Sat17 Oct 202012:00 pmMission Bay East Tamaki East Tamaki  (3,4)
Sat17 Oct 202003:00 pmPapatoetoe Cockle Bay Papatoetoe  (1,2)
4Sat07 Nov 202012:00 pmCockle Bay West Harbour Cockle Bay  (3,4)
Sat07 Nov 202012:00 pmWaiheke Island Papatoetoe Papatoetoe  (1,2)
Sat07 Nov 202012:00 pmEast Tamaki Winstone Park Winstone Park  (3,4)
Sat07 Nov 202003:00 pmMission Bay Papakura The BoysMission Bay  (5,6)
5Sat21 Nov 202012:00 pmWest Harbour Waiheke Island ASB Tennis  (2 Out,3 Out)
Sat21 Nov 202012:00 pmPapatoetoe Mission Bay Mission Bay  (5,6)
Sat21 Nov 202003:00 pmWinstone Park Cockle Bay Winstone Park  (3,4)
Sun14 Feb 202112:00 pmPapakura The BoysEast Tamaki East Tamaki  (3,4)
6Sat05 Dec 202012:00 pmWaiheke Island Winstone Park Waiheke Island  (3,4)
Sat05 Dec 202012:00 pmEast Tamaki Cockle Bay Cockle Bay  (3,4)
Sat05 Dec 202012:00 pmMission Bay West Harbour West Harbour  (1,2)
Sat05 Dec 202003:00 pmPapakura The BoysPapatoetoe Papatoetoe  (3,4)
7Sat13 Feb 202112:00 pmPapatoetoe East Tamaki East Tamaki  (3,4)
Sat13 Feb 202112:00 pmWest Harbour Papakura The BoysPapakura  (1,2)
Sat13 Feb 202112:00 pmWinstone Park Mission Bay Mission Bay  (5,6)
Sat13 Feb 202112:00 pmCockle Bay Waiheke Island Waiheke Island  (3,4)
8Sat27 Feb 202112:00 pmPapatoetoe Winstone Park Winstone Park  (3,4)
Sat27 Feb 202112:00 pmEast Tamaki West Harbour East Tamaki  (1,2)
Sat27 Feb 202112:00 pmMission Bay Waiheke Island Waiheke Island  (1,2)
Sat27 Feb 202112:00 pmPapakura The BoysCockle Bay Papakura  (1,2)
9Sat13 Mar 202112:00 pmPapatoetoe West Harbour Papatoetoe  (1,2)
Sat13 Mar 202112:00 pmEast Tamaki Winstone Park East Tamaki  (3,4)
Sat13 Mar 202112:00 pmMission Bay Cockle Bay Mission Bay  (5,6)
Sat13 Mar 202112:00 pmPapakura The BoysWaiheke Island Nicholson Park  (1,2)
10Sat27 Mar 202112:00 pmPapatoetoe East Tamaki Scarbro  (9 Out,10 Out)
Sat27 Mar 202112:00 pmWest Harbour Winstone Park Nicholson Park  (3,4)
Sat27 Mar 202112:00 pmMission Bay Papakura The BoysPapakura  (3,4)
Sat27 Mar 202112:00 pmCockle Bay Waiheke Island Cockle Bay  (7,8)
Cockle Bay Anthony Whiteman021-797-655 / 272-3263Penny Oliver021-0253-3849
East Tamaki Aisake Aholahi020 4161 7373Aisake Aholahi (captain)02041617373
Mission Bay Ryan KendallSophie Carrington027 2206 794
Papakura The BoysAnthony Noble-Campbell021 530 291Anthony Noble Campbell 021530291
Papatoetoe Mike Zhang0272888898
Waiheke Island Richard Symons372 9215Richard Symons09 372 9215
West Harbour Jiling CaoJiling Cao021590210
Winstone Park Stuart Schmidt027-510-2292