2021-2022 Junior Post-Xmas Interclub (Auckland)
Beginner Boys Sunday Draw
5 teams in section. Two extra rounds scheduled to ensure all teams play at least 5 contests. Teams that play one less contest will be awarded average points for missing round (if required to determine grade winner).
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Sun20 Feb 202209:00 amPt Chevalier Sunnyhills Sunnyhills  (3,4)
Sun20 Feb 202209:00 amHerne Bay Cockle Bay Cockle Bay  (1,2)
Sun20 Feb 202209:00 amBucklands Beach (Bye)
2Sun27 Feb 202209:00 amBucklands Beach Cockle Bay Cockle Bay  (1,2)
Sun27 Feb 202209:00 amPt Chevalier Herne Bay Pt Chevalier  (3,4)
Sun27 Feb 202209:00 amSunnyhills (Bye)
3Sun06 Mar 202209:00 amSunnyhills Herne Bay Sunnyhills  (3,4)
Sun06 Mar 202209:00 amBucklands Beach Pt Chevalier Bucklands Beach  (3,4)
Sun06 Mar 202209:00 amCockle Bay (Bye)
4Sun13 Mar 202209:00 amCockle Bay Pt Chevalier Nicholson Park  (1,2)
Sun13 Mar 202209:00 amSunnyhills Bucklands Beach Sunnyhills  (3,4)
Sun13 Mar 202209:00 amHerne Bay (Bye)
5Sun20 Mar 202209:00 amHerne Bay Bucklands Beach Herne Bay  (3,4)
Sun20 Mar 202209:00 amCockle Bay Sunnyhills Sunnyhills  (3,4)
Sun20 Mar 202209:00 amPt Chevalier (Bye)
6Sun27 Mar 202209:00 amSunnyhills Pt Chevalier Sunnyhills  (3,4)
Sun27 Mar 202209:00 amCockle Bay Herne Bay Cockle Bay  (1,2)
Sun27 Mar 202209:00 amBucklands Beach (Bye)
7Sun03 Apr 202209:00 amCockle Bay Bucklands Beach Bucklands Beach  (5,6)
Sun03 Apr 202209:00 amHerne Bay Pt Chevalier Pt Chevalier  (3,4)
Sun03 Apr 202209:00 amSunnyhills (Bye)
Bucklands Beach Emerson DullabhLynlee Jackson
Cockle Bay Xinzi Yang021-138-0626
Herne Bay Callum DeddingNick Dedding0210391540
Pt Chevalier Daniel Clark021401620Paula Whitfield021401620
Sunnyhills Michael Chen0211028365Christy Qian021 1028 365