TCRI Senior Interclub 2022/23 - Mixed Grades (Canterbury)
Division 2 Mixed Draw
Please note: scheduling may be subject to change.

Format: 9 week round robin. Grade then splits into top 5 and bottom 5 for a further 5 week pool play (1 bye per team) starting 25 February. Points are carried over to determine final winner from combined round robin and pool play.
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Sat15 Oct 202201:00 pmBurwood Park GoldBurwood Park Legends Burwood Park  (TC1,TC2)
Sat15 Oct 202201:00 pmShirley Halswell Breckon  (TC1,TC2)
Sat15 Oct 202201:00 pmBishopdale CampbellElmwood Bishopdale  (TC1,TC2)
Sat15 Oct 202201:00 pmBishopdale ChapmanBurwood Park Rebels Wilding Park  (Outdoor 15,Outdoor 16)
Sat15 Oct 202201:00 pmBeckenham Cindy and FriendsCashmere EunjuWilding Park  (Outdoor 17,Outdoor 18)
2Sat29 Oct 202201:00 pmElmwood Bishopdale ChapmanBishopdale  (TC1,TC2)
Sat29 Oct 202201:00 pmBurwood Park Rebels Beckenham Cindy and FriendsWilding Park  (Outdoor 1,Outdoor 2)
Sat29 Oct 202201:00 pmHalswell BreckonCashmere EunjuWilding Park  (Outdoor 3,Outdoor 4)
Sat29 Oct 202201:00 pmBurwood Park Legends Bishopdale CampbellWilding Park  (Outdoor 5,Outdoor 6)
Sat29 Oct 202201:00 pmShirley Burwood Park GoldWilding Park  (Outdoor 7,Outdoor 8)
3Sat05 Nov 202201:00 pmBeckenham Cindy and FriendsElmwood Nga Puna Wai  (TC1,TC2)
Sat05 Nov 202201:00 pmBishopdale CampbellShirley Nga Puna Wai  (TC3,TC4)
Sat05 Nov 202201:00 pmBishopdale ChapmanBurwood Park Legends Nga Puna Wai  (TC5,TC6)
Sat05 Nov 202201:00 pmBurwood Park GoldHalswell BreckonNga Puna Wai  (TC7,TC8)
Sat05 Nov 202201:00 pmCashmere EunjuBurwood Park Rebels Nga Puna Wai  (TC9,TC10)
4Sat19 Nov 202201:00 pmBurwood Park GoldBishopdale CampbellWilding Park  (Outdoor 11,Outdoor 12)
Sat19 Nov 202201:00 pmElmwood Cashmere EunjuWilding Park  (Outdoor 13,Outdoor 14)
Sat19 Nov 202201:00 pmBurwood Park Legends Beckenham Cindy and FriendsWilding Park  (Outdoor 15,Outdoor 16)
Sat19 Nov 202201:00 pmShirley Bishopdale ChapmanShirley  (TC6,TC7)
Sat19 Nov 202201:00 pmHalswell BreckonBurwood Park Rebels   (TC1,TC2)
5Sat26 Nov 202201:00 pmBurwood Park Rebels Elmwood Wilding Park  (Outdoor 1,Outdoor 2)
Sat26 Nov 202201:00 pmBishopdale ChapmanBurwood Park GoldWilding Park  (Outdoor 3,Outdoor 4)
Sat26 Nov 202201:00 pmBeckenham Cindy and FriendsShirley Wilding Park  (Outdoor 5,Outdoor 6)
Sat26 Nov 202201:00 pmCashmere EunjuBurwood Park Legends Wilding Park  (Outdoor 7,Outdoor 8)
Sat26 Nov 202201:00 pmBishopdale CampbellHalswell BreckonWilding Park  (Outdoor 9,Outdoor 10)
6Sat03 Dec 202201:00 pmBurwood Park GoldBeckenham Cindy and FriendsWilding Park  (Outdoor 1,Outdoor 2)
Sat03 Dec 202201:00 pmBurwood Park Legends Burwood Park Rebels Burwood Park  (TC1,TC2)
Sat03 Dec 202201:00 pmShirley Cashmere EunjuShirley  (TC6,TC7)
Sat03 Dec 202201:00 pmHalswell BreckonElmwood   (TC1,TC2)
Sat03 Dec 202201:00 pmBishopdale CampbellBishopdale ChapmanBishopdale  (TC1,TC2)
7Sat10 Dec 202201:00 pmCashmere EunjuBurwood Park GoldNga Puna Wai  (TC1,TC2)
Sat10 Dec 202201:00 pmBeckenham Cindy and FriendsBishopdale CampbellNga Puna Wai  (TC3,TC4)
Sat10 Dec 202201:00 pmBishopdale ChapmanHalswell BreckonNga Puna Wai  (TC5,TC6)
Sat10 Dec 202201:00 pmBurwood Park Rebels Shirley Nga Puna Wai  (TC7,TC8)
Sat10 Dec 202201:00 pmElmwood Burwood Park Legends Nga Puna Wai  (TC9,TC10)
8Sat11 Feb 202301:00 pmShirley Elmwood Wilding Park  (Outdoor 1,Outdoor 2)
Sat11 Feb 202301:00 pmHalswell BreckonBurwood Park Legends   (TC1,TC2)
Sat11 Feb 202301:00 pmBurwood Park GoldBurwood Park Rebels Burwood Park  (TC1,TC2)
Sat11 Feb 202301:00 pmBishopdale CampbellCashmere EunjuWilding Park  (Outdoor 3,Outdoor 4)
Sat11 Feb 202301:00 pmBishopdale ChapmanBeckenham Cindy and FriendsWilding Park  (Outdoor 5,Outdoor 6)
9Sat18 Feb 202301:00 pmBeckenham Cindy and FriendsHalswell BreckonWilding Park  (Outdoor 17,Outdoor 18)
Sat18 Feb 202301:00 pmCashmere EunjuBishopdale ChapmanWilding Park  (Outdoor 15,Outdoor 16)
Sat18 Feb 202301:00 pmBurwood Park Rebels Bishopdale CampbellWilding Park  (Outdoor 13,Outdoor 14)
Sat18 Feb 202301:00 pmElmwood Burwood Park GoldWilding Park  (Indoor 3,Indoor 6)
Sat18 Feb 202301:00 pmBurwood Park Legends Shirley Burwood Park  (TC1,TC2)
Beckenham Cindy and FriendsCindy Logan
Bishopdale CampbellMichael Hutcheon021736974
Bishopdale ChapmanRebecca Chapman0272225213
Burwood Park GoldAnn-Marie Halliday027 290 3379
Burwood Park Legends Brian Needham+64211083048
Burwood Park Rebels Nick Symons+64 21 858 395
Cashmere EunjuEunju Jung021 257 0515 / 967 4347
Elmwood Gill Cain027 372 2908 / 3562164
Halswell BreckonShane Breckon021388257
Shirley Thomas Hill-Taiaroa021 950 206