TCRI Senior Interclub 2022/23 - Mixed Grades (Canterbury)
Division 5 Mixed Draw
Please note: scheduling may be subject to change.
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Sat15 Oct 202201:00 pmAvonhead 1Bishopdale KirkWilding Park  (Outdoor 9,Outdoor 10)
Sat15 Oct 202201:00 pmSumner South Brighton Wilding Park  (Outdoor 11,Outdoor 12)
Sat15 Oct 202201:00 pmCashmere LizOpawa Opawa  (TC3,TC4)
Sat15 Oct 202201:00 pmAvonhead 2Te Kura Hagley Te Kura Hagley  (TC3,TC4)
2Sat29 Oct 202201:00 pmBishopdale KirkCashmere LizNga Puna Wai  (TC11,TC12)
Sat29 Oct 202201:00 pmOpawa Avonhead 2Opawa  (TC3,TC4)
Sat29 Oct 202201:00 pmSouth Brighton Te Kura Hagley   (TC1,TC2)
Sat29 Oct 202201:00 pmSumner Avonhead 1Nga Puna Wai  (TC9,TC10)
3Sat05 Nov 202201:00 pmTe Kura Hagley Opawa Te Kura Hagley  (TC3,TC4)
Sat05 Nov 202201:00 pmCashmere LizSumner Wilding Park  (Outdoor 15,Outdoor 16)
Sat05 Nov 202201:00 pmAvonhead 2Bishopdale KirkWilding Park  (Outdoor 17,Outdoor 18)
Sat05 Nov 202201:00 pmAvonhead 1South Brighton   (Linwood Ave 1,Linwood Ave 2)
4Sat19 Nov 202201:00 pmAvonhead 1Cashmere LizNga Puna Wai  (TC7,TC8)
Sat19 Nov 202201:00 pmBishopdale KirkTe Kura Hagley Nga Puna Wai  (TC9,TC10)
Sat19 Nov 202201:00 pmSumner Avonhead 2Nga Puna Wai  (TC11,TC12)
Sat19 Nov 202201:00 pmSouth Brighton Opawa Wilding Park  (Outdoor 17,Outdoor 18)
5Sat26 Nov 202201:00 pmTe Kura Hagley Sumner Te Kura Hagley
Sat26 Nov 202201:00 pmAvonhead 2Avonhead 1Avonhead  (TC1,TC2)
Sat26 Nov 202201:00 pmCashmere LizSouth Brighton   (TC1,TC2)
Sat26 Nov 202201:00 pmOpawa Bishopdale KirkOpawa
6Sat03 Dec 202201:00 pmSumner Opawa Wilding Park  (Outdoor 17,Outdoor 18)
Sat03 Dec 202201:00 pmSouth Brighton Bishopdale Kirk  (Linwood Ave 1,Linwood Ave 2)
Sat03 Dec 202201:00 pmAvonhead 1Te Kura Hagley Wilding Park  (Outdoor 13,Outdoor 14)
Sat03 Dec 202201:00 pmCashmere LizAvonhead 2Wilding Park  (Outdoor 15,Outdoor 16)
7Sat10 Dec 202201:00 pmAvonhead 2South Brighton   (TC1,TC2)
Sat10 Dec 202201:00 pmTe Kura Hagley Cashmere LizWilding Park  (Outdoor 15,Outdoor 16)
Sat10 Dec 202201:00 pmOpawa Avonhead 1Opawa  (TC3,TC4)
Sat10 Dec 202201:00 pmBishopdale KirkSumner Wilding Park  (Outdoor 17,Outdoor 18)
8Sat11 Feb 202301:00 pmBishopdale KirkAvonhead 1Wilding Park  (Outdoor 13,Outdoor 14)
Sat11 Feb 202301:00 pmSouth Brighton Sumner Wilding Park  (Outdoor 15,Outdoor 16)
Sat11 Feb 202301:00 pmOpawa Cashmere LizOpawa  (TC3,TC4)
Sat11 Feb 202301:00 pmTe Kura Hagley Avonhead 2Wilding Park  (Outdoor 17,Outdoor 18)
9Sat18 Feb 202301:00 pmCashmere LizBishopdale KirkNga Puna Wai  (TC9,TC10)
Sat18 Feb 202301:00 pmAvonhead 2Opawa Opawa  (TC3,TC4)
Sat18 Feb 202301:00 pmTe Kura Hagley South Brighton   (Linwood Ave 1,Linwood Ave 2)
Sat18 Feb 202301:00 pmAvonhead 1Sumner Nga Puna Wai  (TC11,TC12)
10Sat25 Feb 202301:00 pmSumner Te Kura Hagley Te Kura Hagley  (TC1,TC2)
Sat25 Feb 202301:00 pmAvonhead 1Avonhead 2Avonhead  (TC1,TC2)
Sat25 Feb 202301:00 pmSouth Brighton Cashmere Liz  (TC1,TC2)
Sat25 Feb 202301:00 pmBishopdale KirkOpawa Opawa  (TC3,TC4)
11Sat04 Mar 202301:00 pmCashmere LizAvonhead 1Nga Puna Wai  (TC9,TC10)
Sat04 Mar 202301:00 pmTe Kura Hagley Bishopdale KirkNga Puna Wai  (TC11,TC12)
Sat04 Mar 202301:00 pmAvonhead 2Sumner Avonhead  (TC1,TC2)
Sat04 Mar 202301:00 pmOpawa South Brighton   (TC1,TC2)
12Sat11 Mar 202301:00 pmOpawa Te Kura Hagley Opawa  (TC3,TC4)
Sat11 Mar 202301:00 pmSumner Cashmere LizNga Puna Wai  (TC7,TC8)
Sat11 Mar 202301:00 pmBishopdale KirkAvonhead 2Nga Puna Wai  (TC9,TC10)
Sat11 Mar 202301:00 pmSouth Brighton Avonhead 1  (TC1,TC2)
13Sat18 Mar 202301:00 pmOpawa Sumner Wilding Park  (Outdoor 5,Outdoor 6)
Sat18 Mar 202301:00 pmBishopdale KirkSouth Brighton Wilding Park  (Outdoor 7,Outdoor 8)
Sat18 Mar 202301:00 pmTe Kura Hagley Avonhead 1Wilding Park  (Outdoor 9,Outdoor 10)
Sat18 Mar 202301:00 pmAvonhead 2Cashmere LizWilding Park  (Outdoor 11,Outdoor 12)
14Sat25 Mar 202301:00 pmSouth Brighton Avonhead 2  (TC1,TC2)
Sat25 Mar 202301:00 pmCashmere LizTe Kura Hagley Te Kura Hagley  (TC1,TC2)
Sat25 Mar 202301:00 pmAvonhead 1Opawa Opawa  (TC3,TC4)
Sat25 Mar 202301:00 pmSumner Bishopdale KirkWilding Park  (Outdoor 17,Outdoor 18)
Avonhead 1Margret Spite
Avonhead 2Wally Averill
Bishopdale KirkAndrew Kirk0276403589
Cashmere LizElizabeth Whyte
Opawa Kim Morgan021 02356486
South Brighton Erwin Pua0210596817
Sumner Sara Wisby
Te Kura Hagley Giuseppe Loporcaro