TCRI Senior Interclub 2023/24 (Canterbury)
Division 4 Men Draw
A 11-week round robin is played to determine the playoff positions.
3 pools of 4 will be formed based on standings, Pool A (top 4), Pool B (5-8), Pool C (9-12).
The final will be played between the top 2 teams in Pool A on 9th March.
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Sun08 Oct 202309:00 amCashmere Te Kura Hagley Cashmere  (TC3,TC4)
Sun08 Oct 202309:00 amElmwood Shirley Elmwood  (TC1,TC2)
Sun08 Oct 202309:00 amSpreydon South Brighton Spreydon  (TC1,TC2)
Sun08 Oct 202309:00 amHalswell Opawa Halswell  (TC1,TC2)
Sun08 Oct 202309:00 amCB other BYESumner Avonhead  (TC1,TC2)
Sun08 Oct 202309:00 amEdgeware Waimairi Edgeware  (TC5,TC6)
2Sun15 Oct 202309:00 amOpawa CB other BYE
Sun15 Oct 202309:00 amSumner Edgeware Wilding Park  (Outdoor 13,Outdoor 14)
Sun15 Oct 202309:00 amShirley Waimairi Shirley  (TC6,TC7)
Sun15 Oct 202309:00 amSouth Brighton Halswell Halswell  (TC1,TC2)
Sun15 Oct 202309:00 amTe Kura Hagley Spreydon Te Kura Hagley  (TC9,TC10)
Sun15 Oct 202309:00 amElmwood Cashmere Elmwood  (TC1,TC2)
3Sun29 Oct 202309:00 amCB other BYESouth Brighton
Sun29 Oct 202309:00 amSpreydon Elmwood Spreydon  (TC1,TC2)
Sun29 Oct 202309:00 amHalswell Te Kura Hagley Halswell  (TC1,TC2)
Sun29 Oct 202309:00 amCashmere Shirley Cashmere  (TC1,TC2)
Sun29 Oct 202309:00 amEdgeware Opawa Edgeware  (TC5,TC6)
Sun29 Oct 202309:00 amWaimairi Sumner Waimairi  (TC3,TC4)
4Sun05 Nov 202309:00 amElmwood Halswell Elmwood  (TC1,TC2)
Sun05 Nov 202309:00 amOpawa Waimairi Opawa  (TC5,TC6)
Sun05 Nov 202309:00 amSouth Brighton Edgeware South Brighton  (TC1,TC2)
Sun05 Nov 202309:00 amTe Kura Hagley CB other BYE
Sun05 Nov 202309:00 amShirley Sumner Shirley  (TC8,TC9)
Sun05 Nov 202309:00 amCashmere Spreydon Wilding Park  (Outdoor 17,Outdoor 18)
5Sun12 Nov 202309:00 amSumner Opawa Sumner  (TC1,TC2)
Sun12 Nov 202309:00 amHalswell Cashmere Cashmere  (TC1,TC2,TC3,TC4)
Sun12 Nov 202309:00 amCB other BYEElmwood
Sun12 Nov 202309:00 amEdgeware Te Kura Hagley Edgeware  (TC5,TC6,TC7,TC8)
Sun12 Nov 202309:00 amWaimairi South Brighton South Brighton  (TC1,TC2,TC3,TC4)
Sun12 Nov 202309:00 amSpreydon Shirley Spreydon  (TC1,TC2)
6Sun26 Nov 202309:00 amSpreydon Halswell Spreydon  (TC1,TC2)
Sun26 Nov 202309:00 amSouth Brighton Sumner South Brighton  (TC1,TC2)
Sun26 Nov 202309:00 amTe Kura Hagley Waimairi Te Kura Hagley  (TC9,TC10)
Sun26 Nov 202309:00 amElmwood Edgeware Elmwood  (TC1,TC2)
Sun26 Nov 202309:00 amCashmere CB other BYE
Sun26 Nov 202309:00 amShirley Opawa Nga Puna Wai  (TC1,TC2)
7Sun03 Dec 202309:00 amSumner Te Kura Hagley Te Kura Hagley  (TC3,TC4)
Sun03 Dec 202309:00 amCB other BYESpreydon
Sun03 Dec 202309:00 amEdgeware Cashmere Edgeware  (TC5,TC6,TC7,TC8)
Sun03 Dec 202309:00 amWaimairi Elmwood Elmwood  (TC3,TC4,TC5,TC6)
Sun03 Dec 202309:00 amHalswell Shirley Shirley  (TC6,TC7)
Sun03 Dec 202309:00 amOpawa South Brighton Opawa  (TC5,TC6)
8Sun10 Dec 202309:00 amCashmere Waimairi Nga Puna Wai  (TC7,TC8,TC9,TC10)
Sun10 Dec 202309:00 amTe Kura Hagley Opawa Te Kura Hagley  (TC9,TC10)
Sun10 Dec 202309:00 amElmwood Sumner Elmwood  (TC7,TC8)
Sun10 Dec 202309:00 amShirley South Brighton South Brighton  (TC3,TC4)
Sun10 Dec 202309:00 amSpreydon Edgeware Spreydon  (TC1,TC2)
Sun10 Dec 202309:00 amHalswell CB other BYE
9Sun21 Jan 202409:00 amWaimairi Spreydon Waimairi  (TC3,TC4,TC1,TC2)
Sun21 Jan 202409:00 amEdgeware Halswell Edgeware  (TC5,TC6)
Sun21 Jan 202409:00 amCB other BYEShirley
Sun21 Jan 202409:00 amSumner Cashmere Sumner  (TC1,TC2)
Sun21 Jan 202409:00 amOpawa Elmwood Opawa  (TC5,TC6)
Sun21 Jan 202409:00 amSouth Brighton Te Kura Hagley South Brighton  (TC1,TC2)
10Sun28 Jan 202409:00 amElmwood South Brighton Wilding Park  (Outdoor 1,Outdoor 2,Outdoor 3,Outdoor 4)
Sun28 Jan 202409:00 amShirley Te Kura Hagley Wilding Park  (Outdoor 5,Outdoor 6)
Sun28 Jan 202409:00 amCashmere Opawa Wilding Park  (Outdoor 7,Outdoor 8)
Sun28 Jan 202409:00 amSpreydon Sumner Wilding Park  (Outdoor 11,Outdoor 12,Outdoor 9,Outdoor 10)
Sun28 Jan 202409:00 amHalswell Waimairi Wilding Park  (Outdoor 17,Outdoor 18)
Sun28 Jan 202409:00 amCB other BYEEdgeware
11Sun11 Feb 202409:00 amEdgeware Shirley Edgeware  (TC5,TC6)
Sun11 Feb 202409:00 amWaimairi CB other BYE
Sun11 Feb 202409:00 amSumner Halswell Sumner  (TC1,TC2)
Sun11 Feb 202409:00 amOpawa Spreydon Opawa  (TC5,TC6)
Sun11 Feb 202409:00 amSouth Brighton Cashmere South Brighton  (TC1,TC2)
Sun11 Feb 202409:00 amTe Kura Hagley Elmwood Te Kura Hagley  (TC3,TC4)
CB other BYE
Cashmere Brent Butler0276305702
Edgeware Aaron Grieve0212755808
Elmwood Campbell Venning021352200
Halswell Mike Stopforth027 5398542
Opawa Toby Burrows027 3225598
Shirley David Powley0220833010
South Brighton Erwin Pua021 059 6817
Spreydon Chris Robinson027 434 0162
Sumner Damien Thom021771871
Te Kura Hagley Mark Stringer02040253442
Waimairi Frank Cochrane029 771 2152