TCRI Tiki Wines Womens Leagues - Term 4 2023 (Canterbury)
Friday (Green Pool) Draw
A 7-week round robin is played to determine the overall standings.
All games are played at 9:30am (outdoors), but if wet please refer to the times/courts here.
Note: No play on 17 Nov (show weekend) and 1st/8th Dec (Nationals).
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Fri13 Oct 202309:30 amJAPA-NZThe LimesWilding Park  (Indoor 1,Indoor 2)
Fri13 Oct 202309:30 amMid Court CrisisThe Golden GirlsWilding Park  (Indoor 3,Indoor 6)
Fri13 Oct 202309:30 amPlay it ForwardSumner LobstarsWilding Park  (Indoor 4,Indoor 5)
Fri13 Oct 202309:30 amDrop Shots(Bye)
2Fri20 Oct 202311:15 amDrop ShotsThe Golden GirlsWilding Park  (Indoor 1,Indoor 2)
Fri20 Oct 202311:15 amJAPA-NZSumner LobstarsWilding Park  (Indoor 3,Indoor 6)
Fri20 Oct 202311:15 amMid Court CrisisPlay it ForwardWilding Park  (Indoor 4,Indoor 5)
Fri20 Oct 202311:15 amThe Limes(Bye)
3Fri27 Oct 202309:30 amThe LimesSumner LobstarsWilding Park  (Indoor 1,Indoor 2)
Fri27 Oct 202309:30 amDrop ShotsPlay it ForwardWilding Park  (Indoor 3,Indoor 6)
Fri27 Oct 202309:30 amJAPA-NZMid Court CrisisWilding Park  (Indoor 4,Indoor 5)
Fri27 Oct 202309:30 amThe Golden Girls(Bye)
4Fri03 Nov 202311:15 amThe Golden GirlsPlay it ForwardWilding Park  (Indoor 1,Indoor 2)
Fri03 Nov 202311:15 amThe LimesMid Court CrisisWilding Park  (Indoor 3,Indoor 6)
Fri03 Nov 202311:15 amDrop ShotsJAPA-NZWilding Park  (Indoor 4,Indoor 5)
Fri03 Nov 202311:15 amSumner Lobstars(Bye)
5Fri10 Nov 202309:30 amSumner LobstarsMid Court CrisisWilding Park  (Indoor 1,Indoor 2)
Fri10 Nov 202309:30 amThe Golden GirlsJAPA-NZWilding Park  (Indoor 3,Indoor 6)
Fri10 Nov 202309:30 amThe LimesDrop ShotsWilding Park  (Indoor 4,Indoor 5)
Fri10 Nov 202309:30 amPlay it Forward(Bye)
6Fri24 Nov 202311:15 amPlay it ForwardJAPA-NZWilding Park  (Indoor 1,Indoor 2)
Fri24 Nov 202311:15 amSumner LobstarsDrop ShotsWilding Park  (Indoor 3,Indoor 6)
Fri24 Nov 202311:15 amThe Golden GirlsThe LimesWilding Park  (Indoor 4,Indoor 5)
Fri24 Nov 202311:15 amMid Court Crisis(Bye)
7Fri15 Dec 202309:30 amMid Court CrisisDrop ShotsWilding Park  (Indoor 1,Indoor 2)
Fri15 Dec 202309:30 amPlay it ForwardThe LimesWilding Park  (Indoor 3,Indoor 6)
Fri15 Dec 202309:30 amSumner LobstarsThe Golden GirlsWilding Park  (Indoor 4,Indoor 5)
Fri15 Dec 202309:30 amJAPA-NZ(Bye)
Drop ShotsLinda Ding
JAPA-NZMiwa Norton
Mid Court CrisisGill Cain
Play it ForwardSuzanne Williams
Sumner LobstarsLesley Maccafferty
The Golden GirlsSarah Schneideman
The LimesAmanda Richards