TCRI Junior Interclub Post-Xmas 2023/24 - Saturday (Canterbury)
12U Boys 1 Draw
A 5-week round robin will be played to determine the standings positions for playoff rounds.
Playoffs Week 1: Semi Finals (1v4, 2v3) + a 5v6 playoff
Playoffs Week 2: Finals (1v2) + a 3v5 and 4v6 playoff
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Sat10 Feb 202408:30 amBishopdale RedCashmere Wilding Park  (Outdoor 1,Outdoor 2)
Sat10 Feb 202408:30 amSouth Brighton Mixed Burnside Park Wilding Park  (Outdoor 3,Outdoor 4)
Sat10 Feb 202408:30 amShirley ATe Kura Hagley RedWilding Park  (Outdoor 5,Outdoor 6)
2Sat17 Feb 202408:30 amSouth Brighton Mixed Bishopdale RedSouth Brighton  (TC3,TC4)
Sat17 Feb 202408:30 amCashmere Shirley ACashmere  (TC1,TC2)
Sat17 Feb 202408:30 amBurnside Park Te Kura Hagley RedBurnside Park  (TC1,TC2)
3Sat24 Feb 202408:30 amTe Kura Hagley RedCashmere Te Kura Hagley  (TC1,TC2)
Sat24 Feb 202408:30 amShirley ASouth Brighton Mixed Shirley  (Shirley Boys HS 3 ,Shirley Boys HS 4)
Sat24 Feb 202408:30 amBishopdale RedBurnside Park Nga Puna Wai  (TC1,TC2)
4Sat02 Mar 202408:30 amSouth Brighton Mixed Te Kura Hagley RedSouth Brighton  (TC1,TC2)
Sat02 Mar 202408:30 amBurnside Park Cashmere Burnside Park  (TC1,TC2)
Sat02 Mar 202408:30 amBishopdale RedShirley AShirley  (TC8,TC9)
5Sat09 Mar 202408:30 amShirley ABurnside Park Shirley  (Shirley Boys HS 1,Shirley Boys HS 2)
Sat09 Mar 202408:30 amTe Kura Hagley RedBishopdale RedTe Kura Hagley  (TC3,TC4)
Sat09 Mar 202408:30 amCashmere South Brighton Mixed Cashmere  (TC1,TC2)
6Sat16 Mar 202408:30 amBurnside Park Bishopdale RedWilding Park  (Outdoor 3,Outdoor 4)
Sat16 Mar 202408:30 amSouth Brighton Mixed Te Kura Hagley RedWilding Park  (Outdoor 7,Outdoor 8,Outdoor 9,Outdoor 10)
Sat16 Mar 202408:30 amShirley ACashmere Wilding Park  (Outdoor 11,Outdoor 12)
7Sat23 Mar 202408:30 amBurnside Park South Brighton Mixed Burnside Park  (TC3,TC4)
Sat23 Mar 202408:30 amTe Kura Hagley RedShirley AShirley  (Shirley Boys HS 1,Shirley Boys HS 2)
Sat23 Mar 202408:30 amBishopdale RedCashmere Nga Puna Wai  (TC7,TC8)
Bishopdale RedMarina Filipovic0210306703
Burnside Park Rene Nooapii027 518 4230
Cashmere Brendon021-029-08100
Shirley ATheserie Aknine0221835410
South Brighton Mixed Nicole Feaver 0212553898
Te Kura Hagley RedDonna Weir021 430 848