TCRI Junior Interclub Post-Xmas 2023/24 - Saturday (Canterbury)
Boys Premier (Primary) Draw
A 5-week round robin will be played to determine the playoff positions.

Playoffs (16 Mar): Semi Finals will consist of 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd, with 5th having a Bye.
Playoffs (23 Mar): Finals will consist of 1 v 2 (final), then an extra match for 3rd v 5th
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Sat10 Feb 202410:30 amEdgeware GoldShirley Edgeware  (TC5,TC6)
Sat10 Feb 202410:30 amEdgeware OrangeSumner Edgeware  (TC1,TC2)
Sat10 Feb 202410:30 amCashmere (Bye)
2Sat17 Feb 202410:30 amCashmere Sumner Cashmere  (TC3,TC4)
Sat17 Feb 202410:30 amEdgeware GoldEdgeware OrangeEdgeware  (TC5,TC6)
Sat17 Feb 202410:30 amShirley (Bye)
3Sat24 Feb 202410:30 amShirley Edgeware OrangeEdgeware  (TC7,TC8)
Sat24 Feb 202410:30 amCashmere Edgeware GoldCashmere  (TC3,TC4)
Sat24 Feb 202410:30 amSumner (Bye)
4Sat02 Mar 202410:30 amSumner Edgeware GoldSumner  (TC1,TC2)
Sat02 Mar 202410:30 amShirley Cashmere Shirley  (TC6,TC7)
Sat02 Mar 202410:30 amEdgeware Orange(Bye)
5Sat09 Mar 202410:30 amEdgeware OrangeCashmere Edgeware  (TC5,TC6)
Sat09 Mar 202410:30 amSumner Shirley Sumner  (TC1,TC2)
Sat09 Mar 202410:30 amEdgeware Gold(Bye)
6Sat16 Mar 202410:30 amEdgeware GoldShirley Edgeware  (TC5,TC6)
Sat16 Mar 202410:30 amCashmere Edgeware Orange
Sat16 Mar 202410:30 am
7Sat23 Mar 202410:30 amEdgeware GoldEdgeware OrangeEdgeware  (TC7,TC8)
Sat23 Mar 202410:30 amCashmere Sumner Sumner  (TC1,TC2)
Sat23 Mar 202410:30 am
Cashmere Johnny McHarg0274536273
Edgeware GoldNic Jenkins0278608044
Edgeware OrangeAmanda Armitage021919899
Shirley Theserie Aknine0221835410
Sumner Ruth Leslie0272277720