2024 TCRI Business House - Term 2 (Canterbury)
Tuesday Night B Draw
A 5-week round robin is played to determine the Pool Play positions.
Top 4 from Monday A = Pool A
Bottom 2 from Monday A/Top 2 from Monday B = Pool B
Bottom 4 from Monday B = Pool C
A further 3x week round robin is played with the top placed team in Pool A winning the grade.
RoundDateTimeTeam 1Team 2Venue
1Tue07 May 202408:15 pmFormerly AwesomeThe Un-PleasantsWilding Park  (Indoor 1,Indoor 2)
Tue07 May 202408:15 pmHigh FlyersDeluxe Cinemas AcesWilding Park  (Indoor 3,Indoor 6)
Tue07 May 202408:15 pmThe Crafty Colorsteelers 4 AcesWilding Park  (Indoor 4,Indoor 5)
2Tue14 May 202406:30 pmHigh FlyersFormerly AwesomeWilding Park  (Indoor 1,Indoor 2)
Tue14 May 202406:30 pmThe Un-PleasantsThe Crafty Colorsteelers Wilding Park  (Indoor 3,Indoor 6)
Tue14 May 202406:30 pmDeluxe Cinemas Aces4 AcesWilding Park  (Indoor 4,Indoor 5)
3Tue21 May 202408:15 pm4 AcesThe Un-PleasantsWilding Park  (Indoor 1,Indoor 2)
Tue21 May 202408:15 pmThe Crafty Colorsteelers High FlyersWilding Park  (Indoor 3,Indoor 6)
Tue21 May 202408:15 pmFormerly AwesomeDeluxe Cinemas AcesWilding Park  (Indoor 4,Indoor 5)
4Tue28 May 202406:30 pmHigh Flyers4 AcesWilding Park  (Indoor 1,Indoor 2)
Tue28 May 202406:30 pmDeluxe Cinemas AcesThe Un-PleasantsWilding Park  (Indoor 3,Indoor 6)
Tue28 May 202406:30 pmFormerly AwesomeThe Crafty Colorsteelers Wilding Park  (Indoor 4,Indoor 5)
5Tue04 Jun 202408:15 pmThe Crafty Colorsteelers Deluxe Cinemas AcesWilding Park  (Indoor 1,Indoor 2)
Tue04 Jun 202408:15 pm4 AcesFormerly AwesomeWilding Park  (Indoor 3,Indoor 6)
Tue04 Jun 202408:15 pmThe Un-PleasantsHigh FlyersWilding Park  (Indoor 4,Indoor 5)
4 AcesLaura Ganesu
Deluxe Cinemas AcesDavid Curtin
Formerly AwesomeJohn Dunbier
High FlyersRoger Main
The Crafty Colorsteelers Franz Van Der Velden
The Un-PleasantsRandolph Grace