Points Table
2024 TCRI Business House - Term 2 (Canterbury)
Teams for Wednesday Night 5pm
The Slicers5141416121672List
Cashmere Amanda513216161562List
Shirley Bears53161241651List
Shake & Bake5216416139List
Honey Backhanders513000013List
Fruit Loops5300003List
The Slicers beat Fruit Loops  16-0
Cashmere Amanda beat Honey Backhanders  15-1
Shake & Bake beat Shirley Bears  11-5
The Slicers beat Shirley Bears  14-2
Cashmere Amanda beat Shake & Bake  15-1
Honey Backhanders beat Fruit Loops  12-4
Cashmere Amanda beat The Slicers  11-5
Shirley Bears beat Fruit Loops  14-2
Shake & Bake beat Honey Backhanders  15-1
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