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Tanya Samodelok
Association :Auckland
Club :Mission Bay
Player Code :AKMBTAS
Before Date :
Singles : S2  2400
Doubles : D3  2100
Grading conversion completed. Please advise any issues to
From September 30 Match Hub will change to using Points based promotion instead of Wins based and there will be a unified Grading List. There will still be 12 grading bands as at present. However there will be different Grade points bands for males and females. Players move up or down a Grade when their points reach the next grade level. For more info see
30 Sep 2019Last Wins based grading before points conversion = S2 3000
01 Aug 2011Adjustment -100Reason: Inactivity
19 Dec 2008FTournament S1  3455Dianne Hollands S1  3560Lost6-2;6-0
18 Dec 2008STournament S1  3405Leanne Baker S1  3730Won7-5;7-5
17 Dec 2008QTournament S1  3355Shona Lee S1  3690Won6-1;6-1
16 Dec 200832Tournament S1  3350Mika Deane S5  2100Won6-1;6-1
14 Dec 2008FTournament S1  3350Dianne Hollands S1  3800Lost6-3;7-5
14 Dec 2008STournament S1  3300Leanne Baker S1  3775Won6-3;6-2
13 Dec 2008QTournament S1  3250Shona Lee S1  3645Won7-5;7-6;7-6(11-9)
13 Dec 200816Tournament S1  3245Brittany Teei S2  2705Won6-3;2-6;6-2
10 Dec 2008CQTournament Ioana Teu LostDefault
09 Dec 2008QTournament S1  3245Kairangi Vano S1  3825Lost6-2;3-6;6-2
05 Dec 2008FTournament S1  3245Dianne Hollands S1  3750Lost6-1;6-1
05 Dec 2008STournament S1  3215Tracey O'Connor S1  3395Won6-3;3-6;6-2
04 Dec 200816Tournament S1  3210Tiffany Wheelock S4  2390Won6-1;6-2
30 Nov 2008STournament S1  3210Dianne Hollands S1  3715Lost6-4;6-0
29 Nov 2008QTournament S1  3205Heidi Stewart S3  2495Won6-1;6-1
21 Nov 20081Interclub S1  3205Dianne Hollands S1  3700Lost6-3 6-0
14 Nov 20087Interclub S1  3235Briar Preston S1  3120Lost6-4 6-1
31 Oct 20085Interclub S1  3230Nicola Kaiwai S2  2875Won6-2, 6-1
17 Oct 20084Interclub S1  3245Tracey O'Connor S1  3345Lost6/2 6/2
03 Oct 20082Interclub S1  3240Sarah McDermott S2  2905Won6-1, 6-2
26 Sep 20081Interclub S1  3235Lucy Bird S4  2290Won6-0, 6-0
13 Jul 2008FTournament S1  3220Briar Preston S1  3080Won6-4;6-7(1);6-4
11 Jul 2008QTournament S1  3215Karina Bradnam S2  2725Won6-0;6-0
09 Jul 200832Tournament S1  3210Renata Hryckiewicz S4  2265Won6-0;6-0
29 Feb 2008FTournament S1  3230Tracey O'Connor S1  3295Lost7/6;6/1
28 Feb 2008STournament S1  3210Luci Barlow S1  3115Won6/0;6/3
27 Feb 2008QTournament S1  3205Tiffany Wheelock S4  2335Won6/0;6/1
26 Feb 200816Tournament S1  3200Amanda Bunn S4  2115Won6/1;6/0
30 Jan 20083Tournament S1  3195Chelsea Te Tai S2  2795Won4-6 6-3 6-3
29 Jan 20082Tournament S1  3190Rosie Bird S3  2440Won6-4 6-2
20 Jan 2008CSTournament S1  3190Leanne Baker S1  3755Lost6-0;6-3
19 Jan 20082Tournament S1  3185Leela Beattie S2  2875Won6-2;4-6;6-4
19 Jan 2008QTournament S1  3185Shona Lee S1  3680Lost6-2;6-3
18 Jan 200816Tournament S1  3180Clare Warner S2  2770Won6-1;6-3
16 Jan 2008CFTournament S1  3175Leela Beattie S2  2875Won6-4;6-3
15 Jan 2008CSTournament S1  3170Tuscany Hamel S3  2630Won6-1;6-1
15 Jan 2008STournament S1  3170Ellen Barry S1  3780Lost6-1;6-0
14 Jan 2008QTournament S1  3160Leela Beattie S2  2865Won6-3;6-3
12 Jan 20082Tournament S1  3190Briar Preston S2  2995Lost6-3;6-4
12 Jan 2008QTournament S1  3210Amelia Harris S1  3225Lost6-3;7-6(0)
11 Jan 200816Tournament S1  3205Tiffany Wheelock S4  2230Won6-3;6-1
19 Dec 200732Tournament S1  3200Madeline White S4  2325Won6-1;6-0
18 Dec 2007FTournament S1  3195Leela Beattie S2  2855Won6-4;6-4
17 Dec 2007STournament S1  3175Abbey Guthrie S1  3210Won7-5;6-1
16 Dec 2007QTournament S1  3155Amelia Harris S1  3195Won5-7;6-3;6-3
15 Dec 200716Tournament S1  3150Tuscany Hamel S3  2625Won6-0;6-0
14 Dec 200732Tournament S1  3145Kate Parker S4  2380Won6-0;6-0
10 Dec 2007FTournament S1  3145Sacha Jones S1  3650Lost4-6;7-5;6-2
10 Dec 2007STournament S1  3125Tracey O'Connor S1  3220Won6-3;4-6;6-2
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